Yes. I’m spoiled

I just realised something: I haven’t made dinner for as long as I can remember. How lucky am I?

T gets home before me everyday (including, obviously on days he doesn’t work). And for weeks now, he’s had dinner ready or in the works by the time I get home. All I have to do is eat it and then clean up the kitchen. It’s a far cry from two years ago when I would be in class all day, get home at 9 and find that I had to make food because he hadn’t bothered to – or worse, was out with his friends. Not that I’m saying that he shouldn’t have a life, or anything, but couldn’t he have hung out with them on the days that I didn’t work late instead?!

Honestly, I also get kind of a strange kick out of having a boyfriend who kicks my ass at cooking. Is that weird?

6 thoughts on “Yes. I’m spoiled

  1. I was just thinking today while watching Top Chef (or something like that) that I need a husband that is good at cooking. I’d MUCH rather clean up than cook. Clone T and send him my way!!!! 🙂

  2. am i weird that I don’t think your spoiled – i just think that’s the way it should be. it makes sense that whoever get’s home first would start prepping for supper.

    my boyfriend and I get home about the same time – and usually cook and clean up together. I think it’s a treat when he does it start to finish – cook & clean while i’m at home vegging… thennn I’m spoiled.

  3. Oh yeah, I agree, whoever’s home first should start the meal. I meant more that I’m spoiled that I haven’t had to do something that I dislike/suck at in so long 🙂

  4. Count yourself lucky! Most women I know do the cooking and the guy is the lucky one. Although I cook, too, I’m generally the “spoiled” one and love it.

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