Insurance – the necessary evil

It’s official: I’ve decided to stay with AMI for both our contents and car insurance. I could save a very small amount by changing providers for our contents (T doesn’t have the best of driving records, so we don’t have much choice for the latter), but I’ve decided it’s easier to stay with one company. I initially got all excited because an online quote suggested I could save almost $100 a year on our policy, but when I actually called their line? Not so much.

And of the three or four companies who promised to respond to my request for a quote? ZERO replies in a week. Huh. Not impressed.

Once our car insurance rolls over in a few months, we should qualify for a no claims bonus for the first time (huzzah!) as well as our discount for having two policies with themĀ  – something like a measly $20 off each. Insurance is one of those things that is a pain to pay for, but it’s worth it for peace of mind. We pay less than $1000 a year for both policies, which I can live with.

In other news, we made a whopping $19 for T’s inherited coin collection (going straight to savings) and I got $50 phone credit for taking part in a research group after work one evening (not bad for less than an hour. It was really interesting to see how precisely they tried to hit a range of different ages, genders and races). That should cover my costs for two months; it’s true, Prepay customers are the least lucrative of all. Telecomms companies spend a fair bit on these sessions, but I guess it’s cheaper than taking a punt on a new initiative and bombing!

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