A $270 phone bill?!

What the…?

Between setting up a brand new connection, wiring and the technician’s visiting fee, the total came to three months’ worth of regular phone/internet bills.

I knew the phone line had to be connected, but didn’t realise it had NEVER been connected in the past. And I sure was not prepared for the charge. The LL set it up for us before we moved in, so I never dealt directly with Telecom. Still, we would have had to do it nonetheless – it’s a necessary evil.


Action: Pull $70 from bills account.

Use $40 of my Chinese New Year money. (Yep, only got my angpows this week since I missed the family do – got to love the working weekends thing)

Pay the remaining $160 from savings and replenish it ASAP from other income streams.

Not happy, but I don’t think I have much choice in the matter.

4 thoughts on “A $270 phone bill?!

  1. Ours was 212 – ridiculous. SB is going to ring and have some words with Telecom… the amount is just ridiculous and some of our bill is charging us for service we haven’t even used yet.

  2. ouch. yeah. if it’s never been connected, it can be pricey to have that installed. I’m suprised that it’s never been connected before though. usually, it has and it’s just an activation fee. that’s a pretty pricey.

  3. @Newbie – This is a landline. I wouldn’t imagine you’d ever need a connection for a cellphone? Just pay for your new handset and sim card, and go.

    @ Scribbles – I’m pretty sure they charge in advance. That’s part of why ours was so much. Also explains why I didn’t have to pay anything towards our last bill at the old place – actually ended up in credit after March was all settled up.

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