Five on Friday

– I’ve  been crazy busy with a freelance project, made that much harder by the fact I didn’t have the internet set up at our new house yet. It’s been wayyyy too stressful; what I love about my day job is it’s down to ME, and I don’t rely on other people in order to get the work done. Hence the patchy posting schedule.

– Not having the net at home hasn’t exactly helped the budget, either. Between socialising more than usual (ie, at all), new home expenses (things like rubbish bins, knife set, teatowels and other stuff, not to mention paying two weeks’ bond) and the car starting to chew up gas (probably due to the tyres, which we replaced this week). Oh, and T and I had a rare day off together, which saw us splurging on (what else?) eating out.

– Also, my new work schedule means it’s imperative to be more organised, in terms of getting grocery shopping done and ensuring I have food to pack in my lunches. And we haven’t been doing too well so far…

– To rebalance things, this week’s extra income is going straight towards the overage:
Mystery shopping (Co. 1) – $32
Tutoring (proofing and editing a resume, and helping with answers to the questions on various graduate programme applications) – $40

– (Dork alert!) Oh, and Stuff now have a personal finance blogger (ex dating blogger Greer of Greer 2.0). Like a true nerd, I can’t wait to read more. Just how detailed it will get remains to be seen…I’m guessing it will include super basic stuff about debt payoff, Kiwisaver etc. And seeing as it’s her real name, probably no spending breakdowns.

5 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. I have my fingers crossed that this whole moving thing isn’t going to thrash my budget *too* much. I’ve already spent $100 on a going away medical visit/meds, on some eating out with friends I’m not going to see very often anymore, etc.

  2. Oooh, good luck! the budget will settle down once YOU are settled down after your move. It takes a few months to get back into a groove after a move. 🙂

    I’m psyched that there is a new NZ PF blogger! I read the link you included, though, and it does sound very basic and probably not all that applicable to us vets (pack lunches? YES, it’s a no-brainer!). But she seems to be entertaining, so I’ll keep reading for now. 🙂

  3. It’s funny how much money we spend on socialization! Between eating out and shopping and gas and attending shows…it really adds up! I hope everything gets settled soon and back to normal!

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