The bean conundrum

So this is kind of an awkward post to write. I’ve been eating more beans and chickpeas, and especially trying to incorporate them into my lunches. The idea is to fill me up and keep me going, with healthy and frugal foods.

Which is all very well and good. Except I have quite a sensitive stomach (I used to think I had a mild case of IBS, but eating better, more home cooking, getting more sleep and reducing stress seems to have sorted me out) and my body is reacting pretty strongly to the beans. In short: they’re making me super gassy, which is uncomfortable and awkward at work.

Vegetarians, how do you do it?!


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7 thoughts on “The bean conundrum

  1. Apparently you get used to it.

    You have to basically keep eating it on a consistent and regular basis, and let your body get used to having to digest the sugars in the beans that it normally wouldn’t have to.

  2. My advice is to take it slowly – your body should eventually adjust to the extra fiber. Also, I heard somewhere that rinsing the beans before you cook them can help. Good luck!

  3. We have been eating more and more vegetarian dishes as of late and I completely sympathize! It’s almost uncomfortable sometimes. After about a month of eating veggie (rarely any meat), my body seems to have adjusted and I don’t get such vicious gas pains as I used to. My husband, on the other hand, has only upped his level of gassiness and I’m afraid it will continue forever! :/

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