A day that’s all about ME

So, August 31 marked the very last day of winter.

Every year, the season feels longer, colder and wetter. We moved to New Zealand because my mother could no longer handle the tropics. I wonder if one day, too, I will uproot my family for warmer pastures. When my bones and sinuses and skin can no longer take it.

I doubt it, because everything that’s important to us is here. But God, a milder winter wouldn’t go amiss. Those of you who endure snow and chains and salt probably want to throw icicles at me. BUT I WASN’T MADE FOR THE COLD.

It also happened to be one of the nicest days in weeks. And the day that I finally felt refreshed and rejuvenated after a ridiculous spell at work. It was a day that put a smile on my face, that gave me hope, that saw me throw open the curtains and consider shaving my legs.

I wanted to eat powdered doughnuts, rolled in brown sugar. So I did.

I went for a stroll/jog around my neighbourhood. I messed around with my camera setting, snapping countless pictures of the cherry blossoms and attracting some strange looks from passersby.

I wanted to read out on the deck, because our little basement flat doesn’t get much sun inside. So I did.

And then me and my guitar sat down to learn this song.

Make a date with yourself. Fill that well. And do it soon. It’s priceless.

8 thoughts on “A day that’s all about ME

  1. not missing those cold days! the cherry blossoms are gorgeous, though!

    the heat here is so oppressive that yesterday I took a shower, put on the bare minimum of clothes to remain decent, and literally 2 minutes after walking outside, I was sweating. And I savored it! i like the heat now. NZ never ever gets hot enough for me.

  2. I thought this winter was a bit more warmer with less rain than any of the other winters that I had experienced in the past! There were definitely a lot less rain.. I remember last year being drenched in rain most of the days during winter!

    Oh, and love you pics of the cherry blossoms! Didn’t know that there were any around in NZ!~

    1. @Maggie Yeah I was amazed, went for a run down one of the local streets and was taken aback! Went back the next day to get snaps.

      Funny, I don’t remember having ANY trouble at all drying clothes last year, whereas this year has just been nightmarish. Then again, we did start using te laundromat after our machine broke down. Also, I was possibly in stress induced zombie haze thanks to the courseload last year.

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