Link love (Powered by feta cheese and handpainted tees)

I’ve had some amazing meals lately, not to mention discovered the “cuisine” shooting mode on my little camera, so if you want to see food pictures…then by all means keep scrolling!


Chicken donburi with salad at Haru No Yume.



Coconut cream and lemongrass mussels at De Post.



Chicken satay at KK Malaysian



The spicy KK chicken special. Simply beyond.



Aged Angus sirloin at Eden Cloakroom (weird sauce, good steak)



And my Akaroa salmon with herb gnocchi



Got a smartphone? Check out these free apps to help you manage your money via Young and Thrifty.

Shopaholly recently handed in her notice, and here she explains how she can afford to quit her job.

Aloysa ponders the meaning of frugality and how it may differ across cultures.

Girl with the Red Balloon asks how much you invest in clothing.

Financial Samurai explains how higher taxes ended up saving him boatloads of money.

Funny About Money on why she doesn’t think ‘money talk’ is intrinsically rude.


Marian takes us through a day in the life of a social media consultant.

Carlee Mallard explains how her (own) blog got her sister a job.

One of the Working Girls shares some great, practical tips for networking.

At Stratejoy, Lindsey takes the plunge and commits to an open-ended stint working on a boat.

Jargon Writer blogs about setting pricing tiers as a freelancer.

Guerilla Freelancing shares some marketing tactics for freelancers.

At Dollars and Deadlines, 10 good reasons the editor rejected your pitch.

Nicole and Maggie blogged about that classic dilemma: whether to follow your dreams or to take a more practical approach.


Amy from Just a Titch on finding the balance between eating healthy and indulging.

FruGal shares her favourite frugal superfoods.

Perks of Being a Jap tries out two great recipes, including a Smashed Potato Soup. Win!

I’ve never made risotto from scratch but this post by Iowa Girl Eats makes me want to change that.

Does the sound of apple upside down cake appeal? And you don’t even need a cake tin for this one! I think Not Eating Out in NY could be my new fave blog.

Mashed potatoes. Cheese. Onions. Kevin at Closet Cooking combines some of my favourite foods in this recipe.


Hannah Katy from As Simple as That on what it means to become a New Yorker.

World as a Muse offers insights into life with bipolar disorder.

Finding Serenity wonders if she is just another ‘ignorant American’.

Funny About Money on grad school options for someone with a liberal arts degree.

And at Stratejoy, Renee writes about losing her fun and committing to rediscovering it.

14 thoughts on “Link love (Powered by feta cheese and handpainted tees)

  1. “Cuisine” setting…do you use macro? I’m still learning my little point and shoot camera to make my food pics look delicious. Food always looks good on the (rated G, I promise! =P )

    I’ll have to take a look at these blogs. Thanks for the list. I’m really interested in the PF blogs out there so this opens up a lot for me.

    And of course, I LOVE food too.

  2. OMG! Those pictures are awesome! I want to eat them all! I had to laugh because it was a perfect timing with my new post about… Weight Watchers! Haha!

    Thank you for including me into your link love!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, and I must say, I started drooling over that picture of chicken satay! Yummy!

  4. Thank you for the link love!! I’m glad you liked the bipolar piece, it is very special to me:)
    Also, you are a great photographer!

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