What we spent: March 2012

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Gotta admit, March was expensive.

Clothes – New wallet for T; his was literally in tatters.

Dining – About $50 over goal… there was a slightly pricey but excellent yum cha breakfast, food at the Pasifika festival (it’s official; not really my kinda cuisine), the Puhoi tea rooms (woot! Crossed off my life list), birthday dinner for a friend, discovering the awesome Pakistani curry house down the road, and other bits and bobs. Yum.

Entertainment – Went to the Hunger Games! I’m pretty happy with the adaptation. I rooted for Gale in the books (I always seem to go for the underdog; I was a Jacob fan myself) but when it came to the film, became a Peeta convert. (To be fair, Gale got hardly any screentime, but he was just a bit too pretty.)

Fines – the second of those two speeding tickets

Groceries – all good, moving right on…

Health – new running shoes for T. Ouch.

Holidays/events – Taking T’s brother out for his birthday.

Rent – Five weeks in March. Ouch.

T fun – Xbox stuff. A BB gun. Getting his RC car fixed. And other miscellany. Good thing only one of us is a spender.

Vehicle – T hasn’t been taking his bike very often, and there were two days I had to drive out way south for a conference, so I’m happy this wasn’t actually higher.

And an update on our savings goals:

Our road trip fund: $2300 (minus $450 on flights and campervan deposit, paid for)

Wedding: $535

How did your March go?

10 thoughts on “What we spent: March 2012

  1. Your rent/mortgage is an extremely high percentage of your income but it’s awesome you’re still making it all work despite that. Congrats!

    Our March was miserable! 🙁 We failed pretty miserably at being disciplined last month.

    1. It’s percentage of spending, not income – and this was a 5-week month, so looks higher than usual! In a normal 4-week month and as percentage of income, it’s more like 20 percent.:)

  2. Your rent/mortgage is a pretty high percentage of your income but that’s awesome you’re still able to make everything work! Congrats!

    Our March was miserable. 🙁 We didn’t do a very good job of being disciplined.

  3. For some reason I always picture your budget as just yours, not yours and T’s. $200 for two people to eat out is pretty impressive! Even if it is over budget, well done.

  4. T has an rc car too? My husband bought his for $350 which made me almost loose it. Those things are pretty cool but the amount of money they spend on it is insane, in my eyes.

    1. He got it for cheap off his brother. But I don’t think it’s going to stick around – little things keep going wrong with it. It’s really only good for one mad session at a time!

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