What do you eat for breakfast?

what to eat for breakfast
By: Meg Lessard

Breakfast is one meal in which I just cannot embrace the healthy option.

I can do muesli / oats for a while but eventually get sick of it after a few days/weeks and need to change it up.

I love cereal – but it’s expensive, as is milk. And too often I wake up at the end of the week, only to find we’re out of milk because T drinks the stuff like it’s the elixir of life.

Toast doesn’t fill me up.

My main problem with breakfast is I get hungry an hour or two later, so I guess I need protein. Now I’m back at work focusing and using my brain 8-plus hours a day, I’m also back to being constantly hungry, unlike while we were travelling.

Maybe eggs are the solution? The big trays are reasonably cost effective, and while I refuse to cook on weekday mornings, eggs are fast.

What do you eat for breakfast?

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  1. We eat a pretty boring breakfast everyday. I make oatmeal mixed with some fruit and/or granola each morning. Sometimes I make eggs with green peppers.

  2. I laughed when I saw your comment about T’s milk drinking habits, because J is the same way. He will literally drink it right out of the carton and down half the carton in one go. It drives me NUTS.

    I usually have smoothies, or oatmeal. I prefer the former.

  3. Eggs are absolutely the solution! So healthy and good for the brain. That said, we often don’t have enough time to really eat anything for breakfast….

  4. I’m a cereal addict and always have at least 3 boxes in the cupboard! If I don’t have cereal, I usually have a bagel with cream cheese.

    I find that having two eggs (over easy) and toast never leaves me filling full! I’m always hungry an hour or so later, so maybe I just need to eat more.

  5. Eggs! I have two hard boiled eggs and half a grapefruit every morning and it keeps me full until lunch time.

  6. I kinda cycle through different breakfasts through the year. Right now, I have greek yogurt, chopped fruit (bananas are usually the cheaper option) and a handful of almonds (gives me 20 g of protein). Before that, I ate 2 poached eggs (made in the microwave) with raw spinach and toast. I also make my own granola (reduces cost and lets me add what I want to it) with coconut milk.

  7. Quick oatmeal microwaved with frozen or fresh fruit. I also sprinkle a little brown sugar on top. I would never have time to make eggs in the morning. For years I ate cold cereal with milk, but it didn’t fill me up and I got sick of it. I would also take a granola bar to work, but I’ve stopped doing that too.

  8. I have a few stand-bys:
    oatmeal with honey and banana
    bagel with cream cheese and some kind of fruit
    Getost cheese on graham crackers with applesauce
    cold cereal (Peanut also goes through milk like they might not make it anymore!)

    On weekends I sometimes do a full breakfast, but I usually make that for dinner – scrambled eggs, waffles, tots, sausage, fruit and so on.

  9. Like you, if I don’t have protein in the morning I’m hungry within an hour or two, and I mix it up a lot because I get bored easily. Today I had granola mixed into yogurt. Yesterday it was a serving of bread pudding (I’ve been saving my bread end pieces in the freezer for months for it). Before that was a baked egg casserole. If you want to make several days breakfast in one go, throw a bunch of left over potatoes and whatnot into a casserole dish, cover them in beaten eggs, and bake it in the oven. Then you just cut out a wedge every morning and you’re good to go with a high protein breakfast.

  10. I do steel-cut oatmeal in the mornings. I make a huge batch every Sunday night simmered with water and put in the fridge. Every morning, I have a bowl with a splash of milk reheated + bananas and dried cranberries. Occasionally, I’ll change it up with canned fruit. Or nutella. Etc. For extra protein, I sometimes have a cold boiled egg or yogurt.

  11. Mostly Guatemala breakfast which is 2 eggs with tomato/onion sauce, beans and bread with cream cheese. I cook the beans and sauce once a week so putting breakfast together takes 5min and it keeps us full until late lunch at 2pm.

  12. I alternate between cereal and eggs (I eat or drink 2 raw ones) and cereal and a tub of youghurt.. It is nice and quick/easy

    I do like the sound of the Guatemala breakfast though 🙂

  13. Hey!
    I eat porridge almost every single day, because I think it’s one of the healthiest options and it really keeps me full, especially if I had some protein powder or nuts. You said you get sick of it, but I think the trick is to use different flavours. One day, I’ll go brown sugar, apples, and cinnamon. Next day, it will be banana and walnut. Next day, I might break up and Oreo or two. Kinda naughty, but pretty spectacular!

  14. I tend to eat one of the three following things for breakfast:

    1) Nothing (bad, I know)
    2) Some baked good I made on Sunday that will last as breakfast throughout the week (usually muffins or cookies)
    3) Overnight oats

    I just can’t really get behind breakfast! I don’t wake up early enough to cook anything and I wake up early enough as is, so I don’t want to get up even earlier for cooking time.

  15. Banana, coffee, yogurt. I’m not a breakfast person, so I’m always forcing myself to eat something because I know it’s healthy. If only I could cut out coffee and go with tea. But I just enjoy it too much…

  16. I keep a jar of oatmeal mix in my desk at work. It’s a blend of quick oats, brown sugar, chopped almonds, and cranberries. I usually have that in the morning on weekdays. Weekends are a whole other matter and usually involve pancakes.

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