NZ Muse has a highly engaged audience (many of them bloggers themselves), largely made up of Gen Y female professionals with an interest in personal finance.

Us: A savvy, lively, no-BS community. In short, my readers are freaking awesome.

You: An advertiser with spunk and a genuinely awesome product.

Relevant topics include (but aren’t necessarily limited to):

  • travel
  • personal finance
  • food

In short, if you fall in one of the above verticals – furlough/finance/food, we should talk. There’s a contact form at the bottom of this page. 


Sidebar advertising is available in the form of text links, buttons, banners and widgets.

Sponsored content

is also available at my discretion. (Note that I no longer accept commercial guest posts.) There are three tiers:

  • VIP: Sometimes simple is best. Support one of my weekly Link Love posts (which my regular subscribers value for providing thoughtful reading fodder) and you’ll receive top billing with a text link in the introductionat the very start. Your web URL will be the first link in the post. Example: This post was brought to you by Company Awesomesauce, the best place to find great deals on awesome sauces.
  • Rockstar: At my discretion, if your brand aligns with the content I cover, I may include a relevant link pointing readers to your resource within or at the end of a post. Example: an integrated link within a travel post
  • The Big Kahuna: A ‘spotlight’ post created by me that exclusively profiles you, your product or service. Example: my treatment for client, HelpStay

PR: Reviews / giveaways / experiences

If you’d like to work together on a review or giveaway (either a product or an experience), let’s chat. An example of how I might cover the latter can be seen here.

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