• Back in the days

    Oh how I love Facebook!

    Someone’s been uploading our old primary school class photos to our school group, and it’s a constant source of amusement. my inbox has been full every night this week, blocked up with all the comments from people. especially funny was our year 6 photo with everyone reminiscing about memorable moments and particularly THE BOY, not surprisingly as he was rather infamous at school throughout childhood, and adolescence too i suppose. so i laughed, and laughed, to read people saying “oh how we used to wind him up” and “i hear he’s a good guy now” and “yea him and E are are a happy couple now, she’s been a really good influence on him”.

    he really is my marcus flutie.

  • Inspiration

    Sometimes our humdrum everyday journalism makes me cringe. i’ll flick through the newspaper and sympathise with the reporters who have to write about petrol prices, or rates increases, or funding ...

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  • Argh!

    No work for the boy at all this week. He’s already been at home Monday and Tuesday. Fuck the economy. It’s one thing being the breadwinner; another entirely to be ...

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  • Suburbia

    A couple of months ago I decided I want to live in Royal Oak, probably after graduation. I based this on the assumption I’d be working in town and the ...

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  • Christmas

    I have been saying I don’t want anything for Christmas, in the spirit of frugality. However, after a little thought, I came up with a few things I’d like – ...

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  • *sigh*

    What I’d give to have a cleaner! When I have my own house I’m going to hire someone to come in once a month or something to take the annoying ...

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  • Silly season

    It’s officially allergy season! I just can’t fathom why I was okay last year despite constantly wearing my contacts (I had absolutely no probs with them, long days aside. It ...

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  • Restaurants and the web

    I really wish that all restaurants had their own websites. Come on, get with it! And if not at least put some info up on menumania or dineout. I’m one ...

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  • What is up with

    the new questions in surveys about food? They ask you to bring the product to life. “If _____ was a person, what traits would it have? Would it be similar ...

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  • I finally got around to watching Obama’s speech on youtube! it was amazing. in no way do i wish i was american but in this case i would not have ...

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