• Plagiarism and public figures

    Poor Noelle McCarthy. She must be feeling pretty embarrassed right about now. I’m feeling sad for her; I quite like her columns, she’s young and down to earth and she’s had a pretty meteoric rise through the ranks of NZ media. Plus she’s rather hot. Not to sound all lame and gushy teenage girly, but it’s rare to have a female media figure to look up to and admire (reading the TV news doesn’t count, and am I the only one who doesn’t see the great appeal of Samantha Hayes??)

    I can see how she might have mistakenly borrowed from articles she’d read; I have a terrible memory but for some reason I read phrases and sentences that stick with me forever and I go around muttering them to myself. It’s like they’re burned into my brain and I usually have no idea where I first got them from.

    I find it amusing to obsserve how Fairfax are all over it – they’ve run about four stories so far. APN, well, hardly a peep out of them, not surprising really as she’s a columnist for the Herald (she really needs a new photo though, the one they print ages her about a decade).

    I hope it all blows over, etc etc. Of course it might turn out she’s been plagiarising for months and has never had an original thought of her own, in which case I’ll be badly disappointed.

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