• Christmas

    I have been saying I don’t want anything for Christmas, in the spirit of frugality. However, after a little thought, I came up with a few things I’d like – little luxuries I wouldn’t buy for myself, and I wouldn’t mind getting. Hereby:

    New pillows

    MP3 player (with decent capacity, say 5-10G)

    Makeup bag (something sturdy with a few different compartments)


  • *sigh*

    What I’d give to have a cleaner! When I have my own house I’m going to hire someone to come in once a month or something to take the annoying ...

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  • Silly season

    It’s officially allergy season! I just can’t fathom why I was okay last year despite constantly wearing my contacts (I had absolutely no probs with them, long days aside. It ...

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  • Restaurants and the web

    I really wish that all restaurants had their own websites. Come on, get with it! And if not at least put some info up on menumania or dineout. I’m one ...

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  • What is up with

    the new questions in surveys about food? They ask you to bring the product to life. “If _____ was a person, what traits would it have? Would it be similar ...

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  • I finally got around to watching Obama’s speech on youtube! it was amazing. in no way do i wish i was american but in this case i would not have ...

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  • Disappointment and frustration

    The hunt for glasses has become rather depressing. Mainstream chain places – zilch. Ugly, half-rimmed glasses – all the rage. There’s not much choice between the trendy chunky frames (too ...

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  • Grr

    Kinda annoyed as a few of the groceries we bought this week we bought due to the markdowns, only to realise when I got home to entered them into my ...

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  • Whatever happened to the good old days? When I was in school the BDO was a paragon of A list bands. One year (fourth form?) there was Metallica, the Chilis, ...

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