• Silly season

    It’s officially allergy season!

    I just can’t fathom why I was okay last year despite constantly wearing my contacts (I had absolutely no probs with them, long days aside. It must be the abrupt change in seasons. One night I was sleeping wrapped in blankets the next night, next to naked throwing off the duvet.

    It’s bad, bad bad. Right from getting up in the morning, through till the afternoon (the WORST). Unlike the first time I had weird eye probs back in August (around 2pm every afternoon, without fail) this starts first thing, and apparently it’s due to the most pollens being around from 5-10am. Websites advise wearing close fitting sunglasses or filter masks. Yeah, right. Why not just go around in fullblown SARS gear? Then there’s also the dreaded afternoon grit. Feels like gravel under your eyelids. Even after taking out my lenses and switching to glasses I can still feel it there for awhile.

    Why don’t I just go back to glasses permanently for awhile? Well, with contacts I can wear sunnies (apparently I have slight UV damage so it’s important to me and I swear the sun gets brighter every weekend! Sorting out sunnies when you wear glasses is easier said than done). No worries when it rains. No tears when I cut up onions (we love onions at our house). No more constantly pushing my glasses up my flat nose especially at the end of the day when I start to get a little greasy. I just feel better and more confident in my contacts – is that such a crime? Yes, it’s vanity, pure and simple, and I’m not willing to give it up.

    I’m so looking forward to the day when I can wake up again and not find my eyes glued shut together and bloodshot like the bat from hell!!!

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