• Peer pressure: You’re never too old for FOMO!


    I’m a pretty simple person. I don’t spend on much. My hobbies are fairly frugal.

    But I still struggle sometimes to stick to my values.

    Here’s the thing. Auckland’s a harbour city – you’re never too far from the water. They call us the City of Sails.

    We have more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world.

    Everyone’s into stand up paddleboarding these days. They’re all the rage.

    Oh, and kayaking. Also super popular.

    A surprising number of conversations at work involve one of these things. Weekend plans often include one or more of these activities.

    I love the beach; I love the ocean.; I love being around the water.

    But I don’t like being in deep water, I get sea sick, and I have terrible balance.

    A boat would not suit our lifestyle. Nor would a paddleboard. Or a kayak. And that’s not even to touch the cost.

    When everyone’s talking about the cool stuff they’ve been up to on the water though, it’s hard not to get carried away. Think I could be someone I’m not.

    Peer pressure, even from people I have nothing in common with, is way more influential than I’d like to admit.

    I wonder if I’ll ever outgrow FOMO.

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