• The little things in life are so worth it

    I’ve been thinking lately about how little I’m actually doing to optimise my financial life on a micro level. Like, if I really wanted to hold on to every possible cent of my money, we would never buy produce at the supermarket. I would have my savings accounts organised differently to take advantage of the absolute best interest rate (still pretty abysmal, in today’s low rate environment). I would have a more complicated credit card set up to maximise rewards. I would catch the bus more to take advantage of bus ride mystery shops.

    I don’t. And I’m okay with that. I’m choosing to focus my headspace on the bigger picture and the choices that result in larger returns. Realistically, I can’t do both right now, and given the choice between macro and micro, I’m at the stage where it’s a no brainer to put time and energy toward the macro.

    I may not be optimising every single dollar these days, but I am trying to optimise my home life, even if it means spending some money.

    Seriously, I’ve been sweating the small stuff on some things that I really just need to get over. Sometimes it’s little things that make life so much more efficient and enjoyable. Yet it’s taken me over six months to suck it up and buy:


    We’ve got enough knives and spoons to manage comfortably but for some reason, we’ve been getting by with only 3 forks. Finally, a 60% sale at The Warehouse prompted me to remedy this. And seriously, $6 for a bunch of new forks has been so worth it.

    Toilet roll storage rack

    I feel like such a grown up now. For real. Until now, they sat up on the windowsill – bit rugged, really.

    Coat rack

    Okay, this one isn’t quite done. Needs a little help from a friend (we don’t own a drill) so it’s still sitting on the dining table. But I got so sick of leaving jackets lying around everywhere, it was a no brainer!

    Still on the list of things I need, though:

    Shower caddy/rack

    Having bottles sitting on the floor isn’t ideal. But it’s just so clearly a want rather than an absolute need, I could keep putting this off indefinitely!

    Bedside lamps

    So I can stay up and read for a bit before bed without needing to have the full blown overhead light on.

    Photo montage frames

    I’ve still got a bunch more photos I need to get printed and stick on the wall … but they also need frames to go in.

    What little things improve your home environment?

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