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Confession: I’m a bit of an employment snob.

My career so far has seen me alternate evenly between working for big brands / household names versus smaller organisations.

I’ll admit, that prestige, or instant recognisability, has been hard to leave behind. It’s so easy to say, I work for X and have a stranger understand right away, rather than have to go into an explanation of the company. Giving that up was definitely a factor I considered.

This week I was part of a strategic planning session around sharpening our mission, if you like – in order to guide our work, and also (fringe benefit) enhance our employment brands (yeah, I hate myself a little bit for having just typed that sentence). I’m 150% behind what we do and am stoked to really see it gaining traction.

Fittingly, this week’s links are all about career, fulfillment and getting ahead:

The changing nature of creative careers

Forget about finding your passion – ask yourself these questions instead

When personal problems spill over into your job performance

Every writer should read this when feeling low

Two questions that guided a journey from poverty to Yale

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Things that are hot:

  • Men with dogs
  • Men with babies
  • Men in the kitchen
  • Men who are nice to their mothers

(be still my heart)

This week’s links

Nobody on the internet is living the life you think they are

Money lessons from a rich uncle

Stop worrying that people are looking at you

Feeling ‘meh’ about working

Oddly specific fears for my children and how to raise a feminist son (Plus: my list of parenting fears)


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As tagged by Revanche.

  1. What’s the best thing you’ve purchased or been given in the past six months?

New handbag. SO overdue.

  1. What’s your favorite snack? (No one gets to say fruit.)

But I love (some) fruit! Probably not my favorite, though. Honey roasted peanuts, then. Or any form of chips.

  1. What form of exercise do you hate the most. (“All” is a perfectly acceptable answer.)

Let’s go with all. Particularly any form that involves equipment/machinery.

  1. If you could afford/manage to live anywhere, where would it be?

Right where I am, only owning instead. (A crash pad in NYC wouldn’t go astray, either.)

  1. What’s the geekiest hobby or pastime you have?

I don’t know, tracking my money?

This week’s links

An astute blogger recently noted that she knows of no couples with a female breadwinner that are 100% okay/happy/comfortable with that. And with the recent implosion of the only other couples I know who also fall in this category … well, this piece on the dilemma of the powerful woman resonated

We can’t afford to buy in our cities; that doesn’t make us entitled millennials

Such wise words by a commenter on this piece about knowing when to quit: “There are 3 components of our careers, the work we do, the people we work with, and the money we make. We need to be happy with the majority of these things. ”

Lots of good stuff to dig into in this series on the future of work

Sometimes it’s nice to have nice things

It’s okay to love money

Storytelling vs staging your life (on social media)

I’m too old for wayyy too many things

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Just a wee gem of relationship advice I came across recently that I wanted to share…

(Paraphrasing here:)

If the current trouble/conflict/problem were to immediately resolve itself, would you then still want to leave at that point?

Such clarity, it made me cry.

This week’s links

Most of this is going over my head. But lots of smart people in the comments discussing house prices and the NZ situation.

Things I won’t be telling my future kids

Lessons learned from a breakup

Musings on money and marriage

A financial gut check

Why some people seem to have it all

Advice for people in their 20s

Don’t let your resume be a roadblock to your career

Navigating friendships as your finances change

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NZMuse - Link love roundup with awesome reads from the week

So much going on that I just can’t write about right now.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

This week’s links

FUCK YES to everything in this Modern Love piece on marriage

The struggle for self-acceptance

Things you don’t anticipate about being a stay-home parent

Dealing with financial stress

Emotional reward doesn’t pay the bills

The things you want in life will happen at their own pace

Your life is an occasion – rise to it

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NZMuse - Link love roundup with awesome reads from the week

Ahh, it couldn’t last forever. Generally our flatmates are great, and not around very much (plus, we’re pretty self-contained with our downstairs floor). Don’t get me wrong, there are perks. Company when you want it, awesome meals when we convince the resident chef to do us a solid, cheaper bills split more ways. We have a good camaraderie going on most of the time, almost Friends-like.

But the housekeeping honeymoon is definitely over.

I refuse to do what I tried to do in previous houses, and shoulder the majority of the work just so it gets done. As long as we’re here, I’ll simply live with common areas that quite aren’t up to my standards – again, this is okay as we have 3 rooms of our own downstairs – bedroom, little lounge, spare room – plus our own bathroom.

It feels like T and I have been in a pretty good housekeeping groove for our own real estate. He isn’t home as much as I am (that’s by choice, between sports + socialising) but I’m making a conscious effort to restrict my cleaning to ‘cleaning time’ when we’re both home.  Yes, I have higher standards, and yes I’m home more often because I’m a homebody, but it’s really important to me not to be saddled with like 90% of the cleaning nonetheless.

This week’s links

A pretty awesome guide on starting a new job, the right way

Outrage over the housing market is justified

Millennials thriving financially have one thing in common: rich parents

You can work more. You can save more. Or you can want less

On attractions outside of marriage

Ramifications of the recession – the physical and emotional edition

Musings about models of work, employment and entrepreneurship

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NZMuse - Link love roundup with awesome reads from the week

I’m pretty sure I’ve now crossed over into my ‘late 20s’. I’m really starting to understand birthday dread!

That said, 27 wasn’t half bad. Low expectations are the key.

My birthday is smack bang in the middle of winter, so it’s pretty much always wet and cold. I’ve cried on far too many of my birthdays, having been let down by friends. Last year I wound up at the doctor’s half convinced I had a kidney infection; thankfully it was just a bad UTI.

This year it fell on a Monday (the first birthday I’ve spent at work in YEARS). We had a big launch, there happened to be tons of food around, and then I went out with T and one of our flatmates for dinner. I can’t say I thought I’d be living with flatmates at 27, but our setup ain’t bad. It’s definitely my favourite of all the shared living arrangements I’ve endured over the years.

This week’s links

You’re not alone. We’re all in this together 

On dealing with disappointment 

Recovering from the recession

Surviving the emotional rollercoaster of unemployment 

The road to financial freedom 

What does it mean to be partners?

Maybe the ultimate post about money 

Happy weekends!

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NZMuse - Link love roundup with awesome reads from the week

I’m feeling too lazy to compile a montly eats post. One highlight: Wildfire! The Churrasco is a meaty all-you-can-eat option, with food brought to your tables on the regular. The roast lamb nearly made me cry, it was so tender and tasty. The spiced pork absolutely burst with flavour, and again, the roast veggies zinged all the way through with every bite.

Also: anyone have a favourite Italian restaurant in Auckland?

This week’s links

The older I get the more I realise this is true: there is plenty of money out there – it’s just about figuring out how to get people to give it to you.

When doing what you love doesn’t pay – what next?

Holiday vs real life economics

How to unintentionally ruin your life

On racial and gender identity

Life advice from the president of Y Combinator. Here are my five faves:

  • Whether or not money can buy happiness, it can buy freedom, and that’s a big deal. Also, lack of money is very stressful.
  • If you think you’re going to regret not doing something, you should probably do it. Regret is the worst, and most people regret far more things they didn’t do than things they did do.
  • Remember how intensely you loved your boyfriend/girlfriend when you were a teenager? Love him/her that intensely now. Remember how excited and happy you got about stuff as a kid? Get that excited and happy now.
  • Existential angst is part of life. It is particularly noticeable around major life events or just after major career milestones. It seems to particularly affect smart, ambitious people.
  • The days are long but the decades are short.

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NZMuse - Link love roundup with awesome reads from the week

I’m feeling a bit ranty today, guys. Bear with me.

  • Methinks we could build a hell of a lot of houses on a single golf course. (There are 3 within 5 minutes’ drive of my house, though I think we’re in a bit of a hotspot.) Why do we need multiple golf courses in the city? Move them further out!


  • WTF is up with the cost of building houses here? Yes, land is blood-curdlingly expensive, and the main component of house prices … BUT you can buy freehold houses for dirt cheap in, say, parts of America, and they cost a fraction of what a house alone here costs (at least a couple hundred grand). In short: house + land in some parts of the world < a house without land here.


  •  So, there’s going to be a study done on housing that includes a trial of minimum rental standards to gauge the effect on children’s health. FFS people, do we really need to test something like this?! I despair.

This week’s links

Our darkest financial fears

The plight of the blue collar male (in rich countries)

No big surprise: working at the Huffington Post is hell

Leaving radio, embracing podcasting

A few reasons to ignore Google

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NZMuse - Link love roundup with awesome reads from the week


Mad Max is the best action movie EVER. (I haven’t seen the originals and now I definitely don’t want to.) #thatisall

This week’s links

The state of patriotism in NZ. So true.

Privilege, illustrated

A super insightful into the different types of work stress

How to transition into a new job like a boss

Would you choose your education/career path all over again?

How to stop worrying and embrace the future

It’s so dang hard to just be happy/enjoy the moment

Happy weekends!