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I’ve always hated taking pills. For the longest time I simply couldn’t swallow time. I’ve gotten over that hurdle now, but I still have a mental block in the that regard. I think this distaste for medication is one of the weird things passed down to me by my mother.
I’m all for doing whatever it takes to control major things like crippling acne or terrible periods – but everyday maladies I tend to wait out. Headaches, colds, whatever.

Now that hayfever season has come around again, I’m reluctantly admitting that I need the drugs. I need them every year and I’m almost certainly going to need to take them for the rest of my life.

Much as I hate relying on medication to get through daily life, I don’t think I have much of a choice. Why go through misery and suffering when there’s a fix for it?

This week’s links

How to double your salary: Some solid career advice

The slow burn of financial education

Travelling isn’t really all that glamorous

On making money, unapologetically

The rules of creative success in the digital age

Cultivating an attitude of abundance

What to do in that weird week between Christmas and New Year

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nzmuse link love roundup

PSA: If you’re on the hunt for an offbeat movie to watch, look up What We Do in the Shadows. It’s been on my radar for awhile – made by and starring some of our top film/comedic talent, it took out a People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival. I FINALLY got around to watching it the other day, and all I can really say is wow. It’s so bizarre, so very Kiwi, and just … original. It won’t be for everyone, that is for sure.

This week’s links

Unsuccessful pickup lines used on Asians. White people: stop ni hao-ing anyone who looks vaguely Oriental. kthxbai

On battling feelings of inferiority

A life of renting is dark and dismal

Odd friendships you probably have in your life

Healing through pop music 

A roundup of great writing on women and gender

One of the best pieces of advice ever: Be the person you needed when you were younger

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  • I am sad and angry. For women everywhere, who are victims of assault and harassment. For people of colour everywhere. For my fellow citizens, and the politicians we’re stuck with. Is there anywhere in the world where things are headed in the right direction? (It doesn’t seem that way)
  • Now I’m in more of a traditional workplace, I find myself reading Ask a Manager religiously – it’s really valuable to me. Recent posts got me thinking about the value of face time, and the practicalities of the fabled ‘results only work environment’. How many actually have finite, quantifiable workloads? And how do you ensure fair workloads when individuals within a team have quite different roles and types of work?
  • People always say that short hair takes more work, but for me it’s so much more low maintenance. Half the time I don’t even brush it – I’m good to go in the morning. Is it just my hair type?

I really need to put the Toast on my daily reading list, otherwise I miss gems like fictional characters who would have benefited from abortions

Montana, you are beautiful, even if you look damn cold (via Sarah Somewhere)

An amazing pilgrimage through the Italian countryside, at Fearful Adventurer

I am still loving and mulling over Mutant Supermodel’s take on positive psychology

A little love letter from afar, by The Asian Pear

From A Practical Wedding: Sometimes work is just… work.

“And while that sounds terrible, in reality, it’s a good thing. It takes a lot of emotional energy to do the kind of work that feeds your soul, 365 days a year. And sometimes you just want to do a little data entry while listening to Serial, and maybe have time to debate it afterward with your co-workers.”

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Not that I needed proof that I am becoming even more introverted every year, but coming off a three day conference confirms it. It was FULL ON – being around people every waking hour, and these were LONG days starting early and finishing late. When I found myself alone in the bathroom – a rarity – I took the chance to hide out and linger in a toilet stall (there were usually always long queues for the bathroom). And, now, I would quite like to retreat to a deserted island for the rest of the year.

This week’s links

Remember that you always have a choice, via Tiny Apartment

Obsessions of a Workaholic on crying in public

Landing Standing and the life lessons every long term traveler learns

Life as an undocumented immigrant, via Yes and Yes

Her Evey Cent Counts on the thing about growing up

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I have only three words to describe this month: Go, Go, Go.

On the plus side … I can’t wait to put together a bunch of posts about where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. I <3 NZ.

This week’s links

Are you a ‘glasses person’? Yeah, me too. Nice to know I’m not alone in my feeling that glasses > face and my amazement when people I don’t see that often recognise me in contacts

I think there’s some solid advice here on building a career with stability

Leslie on balancing creation with consumption

An open letter to chaos. Beautiful

Here are 50 things to do instead of spending money

Moving away from your hometown: the gains and losses

And finally, how do you raise a multiracial child?


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– Labour Weekend! Huzzah!

– Lopped off a bunch of my hair! As always, wish I’d done it way earlier. What do you do while you’re in the chair? I usually close my eyes (especially if I’m not wearing contacts and can’t really see anyway). I don’t have a regular hairdresser – I just go to a weird Asian salon where they don’t speak much English, but know how to handle Asian hair.

– November is shaping up to be crazy – two work related trips. Looking forward to it.

– I’m thinking about keeping a ‘health’ diary (though next month is probably not the month to do it in). Basically I just haven’t been feeling at my best, and I think keeping track of my sleep, what I eat and drink, what exercise I do, and any digestive woes I have might yield some insights.

This week’s links

A truly horrifying, spine-chilling story about living in a mouldy house

Giving up on dreaming big (and my previous take on that)

My fellow anti-social hermits, let us unite in our frugality

Good managers are indeed hard to find, and there’s so many variations on the bad kind

The ups and downs of working from home

I thought this take on the new era of non-job stability was interesting

What Sex and the City needed more of: introverts.

“Six seasons didn’t make me wish I had a life similar to the SATC characters. Instead, six seasons made me wish I wanted a life like theirs and question why I don’t. Shouldn’t I want to see my friends more? Shouldn’t I have three friends to complete me? “

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This week’s high was … I should say that it was meeting my new niece (and that was cool) but really it was hearing that she was inheriting her mother’s surname.

This week’s low was … Being knocked on my ass by a terrible cold for days.

Search term of the week…Getting sick from living in rundown rentals.” Yup, that’s what happens. I can tell you almost without a doubt that my health has suffered over the past years and I would attribute no small part of that to renting.

This time last year… We were in Chicago and New Orleans.

This week’s links

Okay, so not surprisingly, I’ve got kids on the brain (and all you guys who left comments on my recent post expanded on points that have occurred to me too). Here’s a bunch of related links…

This week I came across Ann Friedman’s piece, What if you just don’t know if you want kids? which made me thankful that we are not both truly on the fence, because how agonising would that be? 

There’s also Laura June’s I dressed a girl and I liked it (I too always planned on opting for gender neutral colours – I really doubt I will find joy in dressing a little girl in nothing but pinks, so I hereby resign myself to having strangers assume her a boy. It’s okay, apparently the same happened when I was a baby)

At A Practical Wedding, the helpless rage and frustration one feels about bringing a girl into this world. I totally, totally relate. It’s terrifying. ALL the feelings.

A kiwi dude who doesn’t consider himself a feminist took his wife’s name and so did their kid, unprompted. Be still my heart.

Okay, onto a few other bits and bobs…

What if you just hate making dinner? *raises hand*

Surprise: life coaching can be kind of a scam

How do you handle the mental load of partnered life? (Not as well as I’d like)

Finally, Melanie at Dear Debt basically wrote the ultimate post on work I wish I’d written

“If you LIKE your job or even are lucky enough to LOVE your job, don’t buy this be-your-own-boss and live happily ever after crap. Because if you like or love your job, that is a damn near fairy tale in this day and age. Enjoy it! …  Focus on what your heart and body are telling you. Not what some freelance guru is selling or some 9-5 prisoner who wants everyone else to hate their job is selling too.”


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And… it’s the weekend again!

This week’s low…  An update on the worst boss ever, from T’s friend who still works here. SO hopping mad, can’t even go there – it’s borderline slander on that douchebag’s part – and I wish his friend wouldn’t ever talk to us about work, but that’s impossible to expect seeing as work is where they met.

This week’s high… Some effusive praise from an offshore colleague that went all around my team – a nice ego boost.

This time last year… We ripped through New England and up to Canada, pausing in Montreal and Toronto.

This week’s links

While I don’t love airports anywhere near as much as I used to, there are still a few things I like, and Tonya sums them up nicely

Berrak explains why she stopped looking for her ‘tribe’, which I totally relate to

At the Wireless, everyone’s talking about leaving, coming back to or staying in New Zealand. I missed the Twitter chat, but I’m still here because I’ve been around the world and didn’t find anywhere that ticked more boxes for me than Auckland. (For the record, I’d love to live in NYC for a couple of years, but it’s too big of a risk for me to stomach for too little reward. I love my career and don’t want to derail it or go backwards financially)

And a hilarious acceptance speech:

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Thank god for the weekend!

The low of my week was a work-related thing, and finishing Firefly :( On the plus side, Scandal is back. (Fellow Nathan Fillion fans, should I give Castle a go? I adore Bones, if that helps)

The high of my week was receiving our first produce box (we’re trying out a local delivery service. Will write about it once we’ve got a few weeks under the belt).

My plans this weekend include going for a long overdue run. Oh yes. I gotta step it up on the health front (and made a good effort this week, eating lentils for lunch almost every day)

This time last year we were in New York and Washington DC. *wishful sigh*

This week’s links

Take the power back! A Terrible Husband on reclaiming control of your story

What to do when you unexpectedly lose your job, from Figuring Money Out

And a PSA for freelancers – how to deal when a client dumps you, via Cordelia Calls it quits

Over at Salon, what it’s like being a minority woman in journalism (at the NYT, no less)

And on a similar note at Corporette, growing up poor and clawing your way into the strange cocoon of corporate law

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Oh hi there. I feel a bit naked after that epic vent earlier this week (which was extremely cathartic, and thank you for lending your ears). I hate uncertainty and I hate the feeling of the future slipping further away with every day that the status quo continues.

Normally I consider myself pretty good at coping with pressure/stress. When I went on sabbatical to travel last year they went through not 1, not 2, but 3 replacements for me, so I swear I am not an incompetent petal. But apparently I don’t do so great when it’s to do with my personal life, and obviously I am just at my limit. Proof: I teared up at work when I saw this in my tweet stream this week. I don’t even know why.

Tomorrow is T’s birthday. Like mine, it’s inevitably going to be a massive step down after the past two years (New York and a South Island road trip), coupled with the current situation. But it is what it is.

Also, there was a death in his family this week. When it rains, it pours…. The funeral was a strange occasion – too many cigarettes and mullets, not enough shoes or parental control (kids running around grabbing flowers and toys off random graves?! Nuh uh) but at the end, there was hangi and the best damn raw fish salad I’ve ever had. And it provided a bit of perspective, too.

This week’s links

A couple of takes on whistling and catcalling (which annoy me no end) – A flowchart and some thoughts on how privilege plays into this

Nomad Wallet ponders whether taking sabbaticals to travel is worth it

At Thought Catalog, Nomadic Matt reminds us that the grass is never greener on the other side

Jezebel on dating up and dating down. Insightful comments going on, too

Tonya on drawing the line between things that are hard but worthy, and things you just don’t want to pursue anymore

What are you REALLY seeking at work? Via Seth Godin

Stephany on being a highly sensitive person

A budget travel guide to the Maldives, from Never Ending Footsteps

A tale to tell for years to come: The best time I thought I was going to die in the Italian woods (took me right back to those sweaty, stressful, halcyon days navigating trains in Italy)

The ultimate guide to baking cookies. No joke

At the Vulture: Debating the merits of Rory Gilmore’s boyfriends. Just because