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nzmuse link love roundup

This week’s high was … I should say that it was meeting my new niece (and that was cool) but really it was hearing that she was inheriting her mother’s surname.

This week’s low was … Being knocked on my ass by a terrible cold for days.

Search term of the week…Getting sick from living in rundown rentals.” Yup, that’s what happens. I can tell you almost without a doubt that my health has suffered over the past years and I would attribute no small part of that to renting.

This time last year… We were in Chicago and New Orleans.

This week’s links

Okay, so not surprisingly, I’ve got kids on the brain (and all you guys who left comments on my recent post expanded on points that have occurred to me too). Here’s a bunch of related links…

This week I came across Ann Friedman’s piece, What if you just don’t know if you want kids? which made me thankful that we are not both truly on the fence, because how agonising would that be? 

There’s also Laura June’s I dressed a girl and I liked it (I too always planned on opting for gender neutral colours – I really doubt I will find joy in dressing a little girl in nothing but pinks, so I hereby resign myself to having strangers assume her a boy. It’s okay, apparently the same happened when I was a baby)

At A Practical Wedding, the helpless rage and frustration one feels about bringing a girl into this world. I totally, totally relate. It’s terrifying. ALL the feelings.

A kiwi dude who doesn’t consider himself a feminist took his wife’s name and so did their kid, unprompted. Be still my heart.

Okay, onto a few other bits and bobs…

What if you just hate making dinner? *raises hand*

Surprise: life coaching can be kind of a scam

How do you handle the mental load of partnered life? (Not as well as I’d like)

Finally, Melanie at Dear Debt basically wrote the ultimate post on work I wish I’d written

“If you LIKE your job or even are lucky enough to LOVE your job, don’t buy this be-your-own-boss and live happily ever after crap. Because if you like or love your job, that is a damn near fairy tale in this day and age. Enjoy it! …  Focus on what your heart and body are telling you. Not what some freelance guru is selling or some 9-5 prisoner who wants everyone else to hate their job is selling too.”


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nzmuse link love roundup

And… it’s the weekend again!

This week’s low…  An update on the worst boss ever, from T’s friend who still works here. SO hopping mad, can’t even go there – it’s borderline slander on that douchebag’s part – and I wish his friend wouldn’t ever talk to us about work, but that’s impossible to expect seeing as work is where they met.

This week’s high… Some effusive praise from an offshore colleague that went all around my team – a nice ego boost.

This time last year… We ripped through New England and up to Canada, pausing in Montreal and Toronto.

This week’s links

While I don’t love airports anywhere near as much as I used to, there are still a few things I like, and Tonya sums them up nicely

Berrak explains why she stopped looking for her ‘tribe’, which I totally relate to

At the Wireless, everyone’s talking about leaving, coming back to or staying in New Zealand. I missed the Twitter chat, but I’m still here because I’ve been around the world and didn’t find anywhere that ticked more boxes for me than Auckland. (For the record, I’d love to live in NYC for a couple of years, but it’s too big of a risk for me to stomach for too little reward. I love my career and don’t want to derail it or go backwards financially)

And a hilarious acceptance speech:

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nzmuse link love roundup

Thank god for the weekend!

The low of my week was a work-related thing, and finishing Firefly :( On the plus side, Scandal is back. (Fellow Nathan Fillion fans, should I give Castle a go? I adore Bones, if that helps)

The high of my week was receiving our first produce box (we’re trying out a local delivery service. Will write about it once we’ve got a few weeks under the belt).

My plans this weekend include going for a long overdue run. Oh yes. I gotta step it up on the health front (and made a good effort this week, eating lentils for lunch almost every day)

This time last year we were in New York and Washington DC. *wishful sigh*

This week’s links

Take the power back! A Terrible Husband on reclaiming control of your story

What to do when you unexpectedly lose your job, from Figuring Money Out

And a PSA for freelancers – how to deal when a client dumps you, via Cordelia Calls it quits

Over at Salon, what it’s like being a minority woman in journalism (at the NYT, no less)

And on a similar note at Corporette, growing up poor and clawing your way into the strange cocoon of corporate law

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nzmuse link love roundup

Oh hi there. I feel a bit naked after that epic vent earlier this week (which was extremely cathartic, and thank you for lending your ears). I hate uncertainty and I hate the feeling of the future slipping further away with every day that the status quo continues.

Normally I consider myself pretty good at coping with pressure/stress. When I went on sabbatical to travel last year they went through not 1, not 2, but 3 replacements for me, so I swear I am not an incompetent petal. But apparently I don’t do so great when it’s to do with my personal life, and obviously I am just at my limit. Proof: I teared up at work when I saw this in my tweet stream this week. I don’t even know why.

Tomorrow is T’s birthday. Like mine, it’s inevitably going to be a massive step down after the past two years (New York and a South Island road trip), coupled with the current situation. But it is what it is.

Also, there was a death in his family this week. When it rains, it pours…. The funeral was a strange occasion – too many cigarettes and mullets, not enough shoes or parental control (kids running around grabbing flowers and toys off random graves?! Nuh uh) but at the end, there was hangi and the best damn raw fish salad I’ve ever had. And it provided a bit of perspective, too.

This week’s links

A couple of takes on whistling and catcalling (which annoy me no end) – A flowchart and some thoughts on how privilege plays into this

Nomad Wallet ponders whether taking sabbaticals to travel is worth it

At Thought Catalog, Nomadic Matt reminds us that the grass is never greener on the other side

Jezebel on dating up and dating down. Insightful comments going on, too

Tonya on drawing the line between things that are hard but worthy, and things you just don’t want to pursue anymore

What are you REALLY seeking at work? Via Seth Godin

Stephany on being a highly sensitive person

A budget travel guide to the Maldives, from Never Ending Footsteps

A tale to tell for years to come: The best time I thought I was going to die in the Italian woods (took me right back to those sweaty, stressful, halcyon days navigating trains in Italy)

The ultimate guide to baking cookies. No joke

At the Vulture: Debating the merits of Rory Gilmore’s boyfriends. Just because

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nzmuse link love roundup

Spotify Friday is now a thing at the office. It’s awesome.

Since I never listen to the radio, I never really know what’s new, or who sings what.

This is a song I would 100 percent have said was local – it has a pretty kiwi vibe and sound. But no. Nice one Canada!

This time last year: We were in Iceland! (Where I felt right at home, if only it wasn’t so cold…) Now, I’m off to vote.

This week’s links

Great minds

Just the other day I blogged about communicating and the futility of forcing anything on others. This week Jess Lively wrote about how trying to control people doesn’t work

Rachel Hills and I have been blogging for almost the same amount of time. And this week we both reflected on the journey (here’s mine)

Earlier this week I wrote about toxic bosses; here’s a handy LinkedIn post about how to deal with destructive workplaces

The best of the rest

Musical Poem reflects on growing up biracial

Oldie, but new to me – Mark Manson’s 6 healthy relationship habits

Neurotic Workaholic lists out the things she wishes she was brave enough to say

Reassurance over at Stratejoy: For now, you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing

Why you should give up on being the best, at The Broke and Beautiful Life

Add Vodka asks: what goals have you talked yourself out of lately?

How to actually change your habits, at A Life Less Bullshit

Some little changes to make life more interesting, at Yes and Yes

Lots of deep ponderings, I know. Happy weekends!

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nzmuse link love roundup

Oh, what a week.

The highlight of my week was: A kid just passing by, who stopped when he saw me arguing with a bus driver, to try and help me. I wish I’d been more appreciative of his effort, but at the time I was too steaming mad…

The low of my week was: Dealing with that twat of a bus driver. I came pretty close to busting out the c-word; that’s how close to the edge I’ve been operating lately stress-wise and this incident nearly pushed me over. Here’s the account of events that I emailed to Auckland Transport as a complaint:

Auckland Transport - Bus driver complaint

While it only added maybe 10 minutes to my journey home as another bus came along soon, and didn’t cost me any more as I had an unlimited monthly pass, it’s the bloody principle. I call UNACCEPTABLE on the entire thing. I will defend public transport to the death – I’ve relied on it for years – but even I have limits.

It’s a real shame, as literally the night before that incident, I had my BEST ever experience of Auckland transport yet: two trips in close succession, each requiring me to take two separate buses and transfer, but with hardly any wait time in between.

This time last year we were in: Paris, one of my favourite cities ever. I had a particularly strong burst of nostalgia yesterday standing in line at the French cafe next door to work …

This week’s links

Sarah Somewhere on finding peace

Michelle at FitnPoor calls quits on obsessing about her blog stats

Over at Musical Poem: How to spend 48 hours in Washington DC

Agreed on most counts! Things to know before embarking on a RTW trip, by Landing Standing

A rare gem on LinkedIn on the career myth that’s hurting millennials: “Happiness is fleeting, and cannot be achieved by finding that one catch-all job.”

Happy weekends!

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nzmuse link love roundup

Guys, it’s been a hard week. One of those weeks where I’ve retreated into myself and felt really alone – there’s nobody I want to talk to about it and I haven’t even wanted to write about it just yet.

At this stage, I think I’d rather be back in Italy among the sticky fig trees and blasted horse dung and cleaning the chicken coop and at the topless beach that wasn’t. Yep, even in the 30-40 degree heat (I’d never gotten so sweaty in my life) – though on the plus side Europe has a much stronger ozone layer, so I never got burnt like I would here at home.

This week’s links

The two golden rules to travelling while in debt, via Nomad Wallet

The Billfold on accepting financial assistance from your parents (I used to be super staunch about independence but life has beaten me down; I sure as well would accept help nowadays)

Cordelia Calls it Quits is quitting the entrepreneurial rat race

James Robinson on Medium muses about life in NZ vs the US

Thoughts on culture, race and identity, from My Name is Elizabeth

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nzmuse link love roundup

Like a lot of people my age, I’m not feeling particularly inspired by any of our political parties right now. Three years ago I didn’t care very much about voting – I barely remember who I voted for. Politics seemed so far removed from my life. What could the government possibly do for me?

Things are so different this year. With just a few weeks till the big day, I realised I’d been holding my breath for some amazing housing policy to come out from some direction . None really has.

Look, I don’t know what policy I want to see; I’m not an expert. (Do first home buyer subsidies work or do they actually backfire? Logically it seems to me they might work in the short term though probably not in the long run – but what do I know? What about a capital gains tax? Again, I’m certainly not qualified to say – I’m not sure if it would do anything to fix our crazy property market, but it does seem weird that we are so out of step with other countries on this by not having a capital gains tax.) All I know is there are sharper minds than mine out there and a big problem to solve: a growing population and not enough houses. Rentals are of disgraceful standards and rents are only increasing. Purchase prices are spiralling; mostly people already on the ladder, who can use their current equity, can buy.

This passage jumped out at me from a post I read this week:

As the world urbanizes, we need to start thinking about how to make cities better, not simply bigger. The primary goal of a city should not be to enrich already wealthy landlords and construction companies…  Urbanism should not be defined by the egos of planners, architects, politicians, or the über-rich but by what works best for the most people.

And with that, to the rest of the links…

A guide to investing in ETFs in New Zealand and Australia – thanks Save Spend Splurge!

Some tips from Landing Standing on recreating meals from your travels at home

Leslie on the difference between giving to/helping out a parent

The best way to be your own boss? Sell advice on how to be your own boss (hah) quoting 3 bloggers I follow – via The New Republic

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Hidey ho, friends!

I can’t remember the last time I went out on a Friday night but I haven’t had so much fun in ages, money be damned. Weekend nights are about the worst time to go out for dinner and a movie but Petra Shawarma was well worth it (typically small NZ portions though) as was The Dark Horse. A stunning, unflinching piece of NZ film work and one I’m so glad we supported it by going to see it at a cinema. Five stars.

In fact, we went to TWO movies this week. Guardians of the Galaxy was nothing like what I expected. Silly good fun, with the most epic soundtrack and music nicely woven into the overall storyline.

Blast from the past

Wow – last time this year we were roasting in Italy. This year, I’ve been thinking about: spending money to get out of the country, eat well and stay warm.

This week’s links

Back in Toronto, Steph at 20 Years Hence reflects on two years of continuous travel

Bridget at Money After Graduation and I agree on this: Your ability to be frugal is limited; your earning potential is not

Paula on the downsides of digital nomadism (slow clap)

An insight into how a chronically ill person does money

Let’s be real: how would you feel if your daughter was a porn star?

100 awesome, groundbreaking women - a worthy Buzzfeed listicle!

Funny About Money on the stuff you just can’t get anymore

The good and bad of a spender/saver relationship, at Making Sense of Cents

I was fascinated by this Ask A Manager thread on moving from white collar to blue collar 

 10 ways you’re making your marriage harder than it needs to be, via A Terrible Husband

The two sides of the freelancing coin, via The Billfold: “I miss having a job I cared so much about. That job felt like it was my career. It felt like I was going somewhere. I don’t know where there is for a freelance copyeditor, fact-checker, and writer to go except on to the next job, the next hustle.”

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Oh, the irony.

When I was 16, I wanted to stay up late, have plans every Friday and Saturday night, drink booze. Now the mere thought of all of these three things exhausts me. Ten years on, here I am on a Friday night wanting nothing more than to read a few chapters of my book and be tucked in by 10pm. (I haven’t been sleeping well at all, so I desperately need to catch up this weekend!)

How things change with age.

This week’s links

This almost brought a tear to my eye: How Cho Chang does money (Personal finance fanfic – awesomer than it sounds)

When self-worth and happiness are at odds with each other, by the Broke and Beautiful Life

Neurotic Workaholic on the things that make her feel both old and young

Over at Jezebel: A conversation about friendly catcalling with my husband

Nerd’s Eye View offers a sharp take on the (un)economics of travel writing (the comments are also informed and spot on about the industry as a whole)

How to make your boss adore you, via Ask a Manager

Tales from the Auckland housing market – specifically, the auction room

Where do our earliest memories go? This makes me feel a lot better about my lack of childhood memories (I must have pretty bad childhood amnesia)

Michelle at Shop My Closet Project is over your economic pessimism

Digital decluttering with Blonde on a Budget

Budget and the Beach asks: When life is so uncertain, why do we wait?

Manda at Musical Poem ponders what it means to be mediocre

And at A Practical Wedding, some musings on what it means to ‘settle’ (What is the optimum level of happy?!)

Finally, I can’t believe I’m linking to Business Insider, but … here are 7 things people pretend to like – enjoy!