• A day in court

    Relief is mine. And I have almost no faith left in our police force.

    Suffice it to say that the boy is free and clear and I should fucking well think so.

    I think it’s woefully inadequate that police spend their time prosecuting people for minor traffic charges while major issues are left alone. This morning I watched as they convicted a guy for pulling up the handbrake of a car, while it was barely moving, so he could get out and away from some less than savoury people.

    Over to our problem. Anyway, after the boy requested a Section 106 as I said, he got awarded that and discharged without conviction. Thank God! After seeing the way they treated the first guy, and given this was more serious, I was feeling pretty hopeless. That and the police prosecutors we had seemed like complete wankers.

    Not only did they completely fail to do their job, their case fell apart when their witness didn’t show. In their original file they failed to question the boy, despite him being one of the two main parties, and his sister, a witness. The cop helped the other party to sort out their insurance. It was never mentioned in the file that they were insured. The other party said they were doing 40k /h. My ass. They were speeding and didn’t want to admit it. Given that the cops that night told the boy to just go on home and he didn’t need to worry, the issue of them speeding was not noted either by him or his sister. And of course, the cops weren’t witnesses, they only turned up after. Not much of a case without the witness (lying bitch that she was, but I guess we all cover our asses when the chips are down). I bet they were none too happy once the judge delivered his verdict and chastised them for doing such a poor job on this.

    It could have been dragged out another six months given the dispute of key facts. But the cops went over their file statement with Twink and corrected most of it (seeing that very little of it was actually accurate). Given that he was well spoken, polite, knew how to utilise the basics of proper English, and well dressed (relatively) and knew enough to request a 106, he got it.

    Had they continued with the fabricated charge of loss of traction and spinning out of control, that would have been huge fines, loss of licence, demerits and reparations of 80% to the other party.

    That is something we would have fought tooth and nail; something patently ridiculous, untrue, and lazy work by the police.

    As the judge said, there was a lot of negligence on the part of the attending cops and it was not their place to get involved with the insurance claims, which I assume is why the insurance factor was never mentioned in the paperwork. But I have to admit they did us a favour in this respect, as they put it through as an accident of “no one’s fault”. Which is good, very good, as he wasn’t insured yet at that time. And trust me, if it comes down to insurance company vs. individual, you are screwed. They will get their money out of you, even if you don’t have it, even if it’s not your fault, anything so they’re not left with the bill.

    Meanwhile I reckon I could write a whole column on the freaks we saw this morning. It’s a great place to people watch, if you can tolerate it! Court sucks, frankly. It is full of lowlifes, the scum of the earth. Make an effort! You get unwashed, unshaven, smelly people in totally inappropriate clothing – hoods, short shorts, basketball shoes, whatever, usually with an attitude problem. Let’s face it, court is about presentation. The image you project, much like in any other situation, affects the outcome. Scrub up a little and you’ll stand out from the crowd as the standards are so low.

  • Ranting

    Marginally more composed now.

    B+ for journo. Can’t actually remember what my other two marks were; i’m thinking an A and A-. So hopefully an A- average overall. Pretty annoyed with myself for making a couple of stupid mistakes, and for having had my moment of clarity AFTER the exam in regards to one story, but oh well. I’m on tenterhooks now but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Onto more pressing matters.

    Second full week of nonemployment for the boy. this disgusting cutback of hours is worse than being laid off. at least with redundancy good ol Key’s package would kick in (although it hasn’t been actually organised yet, as such) and unemployment would be available.

    God, sometimes i feel about twenty years older. with every new development i feel further and further removed from everyone i know, who mostly don’t REALLY know what it’s like to be dealing with all this and definitely not to this extent. of course most of these are joint problems and not really mine, but that’s what relationships are about, aren’t they?

    as it is we have to try and get an appointment with work and income, along with the presumably thousands of others struggling and wanting the exact same thing. then trying to show that an average income of 2-300 a week doesn’t cut it especially with two straight weeks of no work. it’s bad for the wallet and it’s bad for the soul. i can’t singlehandedly support the two of us. our assets are separate and should be counted as such. however the fact that i have any money in the bank probably precludes the boy from qualifying for emergency help.

    if nothing else, this experience has totally cemented my belief that we need to work to feel valued and have motivation. sitting on your ass all day simply stagnates you. i don’t know if i totally support making single parents go back to work, but i certainly believe in working for the plain old dole.

  • Freakout time

    Exam results. Leaking, dying fridge. Rent increase. New clutch for car. Lawn mower man. Water bill soon which wil be massive as the bloody LL hasn’t fixed the leak, so will have to find money for it – flatmates won’t be none too pleased either. Christmas. Apprenticeships/jobs/god knows what for next year. Too much to deal with!

    Wigging out, lost appetite, cold sweat. Trying to be calm.