There are a lotta things I don’t get…

There is a popular view I don’t understand. It goes along the lines of: I believe in family values. I believe that the breakdown of the family unit is the cause of all society’s ills. Not to denigrate single parents, but children need a father and a mother. So I’m voting National.

How is that going to help, how is that going to change anything? People will still get married to people they shouldn’t, get married too early, end up divorced. People will still end up pregnant. (Hint: Sarah Palin’s daughter. Abstinence only teaching doesn’t work, clearly). Having National in power will not miraculously rid the world of single parent families overnight – or ever.

Is it just a kneejerk reaction? The whole world is going to hell, damn those liberals and I’m gonna vote National?

Similarly, I don’t understand people who are just voting “for a change”. You have to be pretty confident that the change will be for the better – or that it will even happen once said candidate is in power. Actually, I can understand why a lot of people are voting for “change”; it just scares me how many are trumpeting the refrain without any knowledge or understanding of party policies or vision.

Know what else I don’t get? The idiocy of bureaucracy. I find it very frustrating that after a certain amount of time an expired passport is no longer deemed a valid form of ID by the AA. Yet a birth certificate is, despite not featuring any sort of photograph. A passport bears a person’s name and date of birth, does it not?

People, make sure you have your birth certificate somewhere safe, or that it’s with someone that you can trust won’t lose it.

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