New York, New York

New York’s always held a certain fascination for me. I can’t pinpoint anything in particular that started it for me. Just the bits and pieces you pick up I guess, movies, TV, photos, and of course my favourite books ever (Jessica Darling/Sloppy Firsts series). I can say that SATC is not one of those reasons. So many people cite it as a major reason for first wanting to go there. Although I do enjoy the show the city as depicted in it was never something I took much notice of, oddly enough.

I no longer want to go there to live, but I definitely want to visit. Lately I’ve been reading lots of NYC blogs (Gen Y NY, Becoming a New Yorker, Escape Brooklyn etc) and live vicariously through them. But you could say I’ve had a reality check recently. Given that we struggle making it here in Auckland (although lately we have spent virtually nothing on the weekends, go us! We used to spend up to $60 eating out over the two days – and not even at fancy restaurants, more like a mix of food court, takeaway, Burger King and milkshakes) I’m sure NYC would suck me in and spit me out. I’m extra worried right now given our employment situations. We’ve just signed our next lease, but apparently it’s not too hard to get out of FTTs for extreme circumstances (ie job losses), so..

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