No work for the boy at all this week. He’s already been at home Monday and Tuesday. Fuck the economy.

It’s one thing being the breadwinner; another entirely to be the sole earner.

I’ve asked him to ring a couple of temp places tomorrow, but really don’t know how feasible that will be given he needs work ASAP, like, tomorrow, and there’ll no doubt be paperwork and HR bullshit to get through first which can take days.

Now for the good news.

I really should have gone through our work benefits before buying my glasses. I found out we have a subsidy for glasses (up to $150, which would mean almost a third of the total cost for mine) and eye tests…well, not really, since I’d read that before and technically kinda knew. but that was a long time ago! And in the year and a half since being here, that little perk slipped my mind.

Now I just need to find out how to go about applying, if I still can. Any money I can get would be icing; $475 is still a lot less than $600 or $700, but that’s not exactly small change now is it? Tried looking throuhg Lotus Notes at work in the policies and procedures section which had a handy yet rather useless overview of our entitlements, and no application form. Same for the intranet, which was basically the same thing but online. I probably should have done this BEFOREHAND. there’s something about gettin gmanager approval before getting your eye test (49 would have basically covered the whole exam) but then it went on to say something about “if it is determined glasses are required…”, so maybe that’s just for those who don’t currently wear specs?

Then something about the prescription needing to specifically say that glasses are requried for working at a computer, and an original receipt. Hmm. My eye prescription is freakin awful (willing to bet nobody at work has worse vision than me). Do i really need that? Anyone who knows anything about eye prescriptions could tell you that I can’t do squat without glasses or contacts on; can’t function, can’t leave the house safely, can’t even read for crying out loud, unless the book is practically touching my nose. Or Google would surely confirm that.

Anywho guess I need to talk to admin about qualifying for that, and how to go about applying! Forms and more bloody forms, I bet.

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