I’m uber mad!

Remember how I explained we live in the deep, dark ghetto of a certain central west suburb?

Across from the state sanctioned projects?

Last night we had poker and drinks. A friend’s car got burgled, some expensive gear gone.

At least he had the sense to cover it with a blanket…but not to lock his door, he thinks.


Although really, what kind of person goes around testing car doors to see if they can get it? We’re all like, lock your doors, install an alarm, yadda yadda, but it sucks that we have to go to those measures. Who the hell goes around trying to see if they can get into a car, just for the hell of it?

Secondly, I went for a run (walk) on Sunday. Just around the corner maybe 4 houses up I noticed a white car bumper sitting on the kerb. I clocked it and kept going.

A couple days ago it showed up on OUR kerbside – OUR patch of grass outside our house. WHAT THE FUCK?

I am extremeely unimpressed with the wanker who decided to plop it outside our property. Dispose of your garbage yourself, you piece of crap. We currently have a bumper sitting in our driveway, yes. It’s white. And it’s ours, as we haven’t thought of a way to dispose of it.

But we will not be taking it upon ourselves to dispose of someone else’s trash for free.

Whoever it was may have thought “oh yeah, one more bumper won’t make a difference to them” Well, think again!

Luckily, it still has a random as numberplate on it (may record it actually, for future reference) and is for a totally different car.

The informative Trademe message boards have advised me to call the cops or go to the post office and get all the person’s details for $2.25. I’m sure I’ll get laughed at by the cop shop but I shall try em first! I dunno. I’ve moved it across the street and a little further up, but i mean it can’t stay on the street forever.

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