Honestly, BF drives me nuts sometimes.

I may have an extremely sweet tooth, but he has me beat in every way.

I like a bit of sugar over plain cornflakes, and I LOVE cereals like Crunchy Nut (kind of like Frosties, maybe? Sweet golden crispy flakes). Unfortunately the latter kind cost 2-3 times as much for far less weight, so they are a rare treat.

BF absolutely piles on the sugar over any and ALL cereal (he could probably blow through at least half a kilo of sugar a week). Even if it’s pricey, sweetened stuff like the aforementioned Crunchy Nut. We’re paying out the nose for it, and he simply smothers it with sugar the exact same way he does normal cornflakes! What a freaking waste of money!

I just don’t understand….

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