Random but nice – got a text from a girl who shares one or two of my classes. I’m assuming she got my number off the journo students database. She apologised for not giving me her number sooner (!!) and was like, let’s keep in touch!

Fair enough. I sorta get the feeling it’s a solidarity thing, like, we were both born in the same country etc. One that I really don’t have ties to, and haven’t been back to in years, but still it’s the place of my birth, so does that count for something?

It bugs me a little though – do I always have to befriend people just for reasons like that? Will I be pigeonholed as an ‘ethnic affairs’ reporter one day?

I guess you tend to flock to others like you, though. And I often tend to gravitate towards older people – not sure why? Am I just too old for my age? And I don’t really have the right to complain (I am TOTALLY glad she reached out to me. I never would have done something like that and am super grateful). After all, it’s not like I really make the effort to go out of my way to befriend others. Sometimes it’s like I just can’t connect with people no matter how hard I try, so I give up and retreat. That’s kind of where I’m at now, and I just talk to the few friends I have made. So honestly, it’s great that someone’s doing the hard work for me – because if someone does that, I’ll respond in kind.

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