I finished paying off my bed last month. It was paid by direct debit, so you would think they would stop taking money once the full amount was settled.

Apparently not!

Got a letter from the company informing me my account was $60 something in credit.

Now, is that a bit dodgy or what? They know exactly how much I owed and should not have taken any more than that. It’s not like I was facilitating payments and made an extra couple by mistake.

In fact, $60 is almost an extra month of payments.

It doesn’t make sense. According to my payment schedule, payments would finish in February. This is the amortised schedule which shows exactly how much in principal and how much in interest you’re paying every week.

It sounds scammy to me. I reckon I’ll go to all the effort of going out to Henderson to give them my account details for the refund and they’ll tell me there was some loophole or mistake and I’m actually not getting that money back after all.

Because looking over the letter totally disgusted me. If there was ever a company trying to trick people out of theiy money and locking them into a cycle of payments, it’s these guys.

They make it look so tempting to roll the credit over into a new hire purchase. Like an LG plasma tv. Or any other offer. Because, they’ll match you dollar for dollar! So instead of a $60 down payment you’ll now have a $120 credit!

It goes on and on in this vein. I was beginning to think they actually had no intention of giving me back MY MONEY as I couldn’t see a plain vanilla option for, you know, just REFUNDING me the cash.

It was buried right down the bottom. If you’re not interested in this wonderful offer, bladibla, come instore with a deposit slip.

Easier said than done, as they are all the way out west and not open late. I figured we would go on a Saturday morning and do some shopping at the PaknSave out there.

Let’s be honest, a lot of people just don’t read everything. Most would just give up and think it was their best/only option to use the money towards a new purchase.

I think I’ll go in with my payment schedule and ask just why the hell they managed to put my account “in credit”, ie, stole from me.

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