Am I too controlling?

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder. I take care of all our cashflow (I would say I’ve taken over, but since day one it’s been me at the helm. BF started working randomly after a stint of doing nothing back in our early days together, and needed to put down a bank account on his paperwork in order to get paid. He didn’t have one of his own, and since we were about to move in together…it was all very hectic; I don’t remember much about that time). I make our spending decisions generally, and I’m the one who does what little planning we do about meals and food and stuff. His allowance is his own, but not working = no spending money. Occasionally stuff he wants to do is really expensive (ie concert tickets) and doesn’t happen; one day hopefully I can get him to learn to put aside for things like that, once things stabilise.

Tonight he was hungry and asked if he could have the tuna in the pantry. It was one of those things I chucked in the trolley thinking it would make lunch at some point during the week, but it’s already Wednesday night and we probably won’t need it. So right now he’s eating tuna and crackers, happy as larry.

But then I felt bad that he felt the need to ask. I mean, if he hadn’t, it wouldn’t have been a huge deal. If it had been something that was really VITAL to my food plan I would have been upset, and I guess that’s why he checks in on things like that. With snack foods? Not so much. He goes right ahead and chows down, usually within 24 hours of having bought them. Sometimes I don’t even get a lookin.

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