Apparently we in NZ are the third most indebted country in the OECD.

Scary stuff.

No wonder our mortgage rates are so high. No wonder he don’t have 30yr mortgage terms. No wonder the default rate for a Visa or MasterCard is 19.95%.

It’s definitely reinforcing to me how important it is to save. If BF starts his degree next year, that’s seriously going to impede his ability to beef up his EF, let alone long term savings. I want to go to Fiji or Raro or somewhere in the Pacific for a week. And on a cruise. And round the South Island. But I guess all those things will have to go on hold.

GAH! Especially when I’m seeing great deals, like take a partner cruising for $1 (plus port taxes and the like). SO ridiculously cheap.

Someone said, “but what about pirates?”

I don’ t know, maybe something’s wrong with me, but I’m not too worried. Same with swine flu – I guess right now it’s on the other side of the world and just sounds pretty insane. Still, I can’t forget a spinechilling story I read in the Independent – “The floors were covered in my husband’s blood”, or something like that. This poor woman was tied up by pirates, and came out on the boat to see the decks awash in blood and her husband dead. She was  actually standing in his blood.

(Yes, I know swine flu seems to have made its way here too, but the odds of me catching it are pretty damn low. Heck, I’ve travelled when SARS was still a concern. Ohhh….imagine how low airfares are gonna go now! Nobody will want to travel, so everything is bound to plunge.)

Sigh, living within your means is boring. But I guess nobody ever said being responsible was easy.

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