All I want for Christmas

is hot running water.

And at this rate I’ll be lucky to get it by then!

Plumber came today, spoke to BF and informed him there’s a leak under the house, and the mains needs to be moved up to the roof. But first someone needs to come with sonic equipment to detect the leak’s location, then fix it.

Oddly enough, LL hasn’t been spotted much this week….

Oh, and he then told him to not call him again as he wants nothing to do with this job, it’s just that “horrible”.


Think LL is finally realising that buying a rental property was not the answer to his problem, but far from it.

I doubt he has the cash to fix this, and I feel sorry for him, but that’s part of your undertaking when you become a LL. You need cash reserves for situations like this.

Not to mention the lack of insulation, the damp and mould in our room, the windows that don’t quite close…

Like I said, three more months.

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