So I didn’t blog about this (I don’t think) but I did mention on Twitter. Last weekend the little shit from down the road who was involved in a)throwing bottles at us a few other weeks back and b) burgling us over the summer, came into our house. Yes, literally, came into the house, into an empty bedroom (I was in mine and everyone else was in the third bedroom) nicked off with the Xbox and gapped it. One of the flatties heard him and chased him out to the street, but I guess little nogoods like him have plenty of experience running from crime scenes and consequently have extremely overdeveloped little legs.

It was just absolutely unbelievable that he came INTO the house. While we were there. Incredibly ballsy, or stupid, I don’t know.

ANYWAY. Flattie recognised him from school. We got out the yearbooks and IDed him and once we knew his full name, the cops were able to get a search warrant and go around there. They found the Xbox in his room, and apparently he’s now in the cells (and will be till Tuesday, bless Queen’s birthday weekend!)

Cops said they couldn’t do anything about the laptop and cameras he took from us in the summer, but I just wanna see him go down.

Police finally got something right, and did something useful, for a change!

But seriously. It’s so frustrating for you to know that someone who lives around the corner has something of yours in their house, and you cannot legally do anything about it. We had all the details to the cops by Sunday (the day after it happened) and only yesterday (Friday) did they apparently arrest him for stealing and breaking and entering.

2 thoughts on “Update!

  • Reply andhari May 30, 2009 at 21:15

    That’s REPULSIVE. Seriously he should be taken down for longer than that, that’s what psychopat thieves always deserve. I cant believe he did that, so sorry for you.

    • Reply eemusings May 30, 2009 at 21:43

      OMG, i know! Hopefully he’ll get convicted and get put away for the max two years. Doubtful, but we can live to hope

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