Will these lines and squiggles ever represent words to me?

Law Essays require a particular style and format if they’re to be written effectively.

Be Clear

As with most essays, it’s critical to read and understand the question and be clear what you’ve got been asked. this might sound obvious but only too often essays are given low marks because the question isn’t actually answered.

Identify material

The first thing is to clarify the topic matter in order that you identify the world of law that’s being addressed. Sometimes this may be obvious as when the question asks about the differences between a suggestion and a call for participation to treat which can direct you towards the law of Contract.
However, sometimes the question is more obscure and this needs more effort in determining what the topic matter is and might involve watching quite one area of the law. If an issue asks about the fear laws, then this might well span human rights and constitutional law too.

Identify the Approach

This is absolutely vital when answering an issue . Often the essay will ask you to guage something; reflect on something; write a critique; discuss a specific statement; reflect on a judge’s particular statement during a case, or discuss the impact of a case on a neighborhood of law. If an issue asks you to match quite one thing, then you want to identify the similarities and differences between them, and ideally reach a conclusion on which one you think that is preferable. If an issue asks you to debate something then you want to study and discuss it from all viewpoints, and reach your own conclusion.

Prepare the Structure

The structure of the essay is extremely important. If an essay exceeds 10,000 words, a contents page and chapter headings should be included and, even in shorter essays, it’d be appropriate to line out chapter headings. Chapters are relevant where the solution straddles a good area of law and addresses several areas. Chapters help focus both the author and therefore the reader on what’s being discussed and maintain focus. One major criticism of law essays is that they drift from the most topic and angle that they’re meant to deal with , and therefore the thread and point are lost. Another criticism is that the author tends to only list the legislation and discuss the subject without containing any incisive opinions of the author . An introduction and conclusion should be included.


Make sure that your sources are current; this is often vital because very often questions are written which are impacted by recent changes or maybe proposed changes within the law. So an issue on Control Orders should be checked out within the light of the proposed increase in detention periods and therefore the impact on human rights.


The correct referencing should be used consistently throughout. it’s vital to offer credit when quoting somebody else , otherwise the essay could also be plagiarized. it’s never acceptable to chop and paste from the web . Neither do you have to copy directly from a book unless you give the acceptable credit. Copying huge sections, albeit credit is given, won’t be looked upon favorably. The examiner are going to be trying to find the writer’s comments and own views and opinions, supported a sound interpretation of the law and thorough research. The examiner are going to be looking to ascertain that the author has researched several resources. References to case law must be relevant and illustrative. Remember to incorporate a full bibliography.

4 thoughts on “Will these lines and squiggles ever represent words to me?

  • Reply FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com May 1, 2009 at 10:18

    The only thing I shorthand is very long words

    Or common ones.

    Very becomes “V.”

    I did this in uni too.. or I set up my MS Word to automatically sub in full words when I typed in my own shorthand.. like b/ became between .. etc

  • Reply Sense May 1, 2009 at 19:41

    wow! it’s impressive that you are learning shorthand! that all looks like complete gibberish to me. what careers use shorthand?

  • Reply eemusings May 1, 2009 at 19:53

    FB – that’s a nifty trick, didn’t know Word could do things like that!

    Sense – Journalism, mainly, I can’t imagine any other professions that would need it. Definitely a handy language to master though, note taking will be so much easier once I can actually do this!

  • Reply Budgets are Sexy May 3, 2009 at 15:13

    Is that a Uniball pen? I LOVE love LOVE those. perfect for writing…

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