Irregular expenditures

I finally got my A into G and calculated what we need to be putting away weekly for our main irregular expenses.

  • Insurance (car) – $10 approx
  • Insurance (contents) – $5
  • Water – $15
  • Car reg – $5
  • Car fund (for Warrants, oil, repairs and maintenance) approx $10-15                             = TOTAL $50
  • And I currently put aside $35 weekly for power and phone bills, which needs to go up to $45. I’d also like to consolidate all these in one Irregulars account, instead of lumping them in with my main savings account. I might also have a separate one for the car stuff (which we have been shunting into BF’s BNZ checking account) …and one day I’d like to have a Holiday account as well!

    Whether we can put this into action? Doubtful. But we’ll see how things go next semester with BF starting his course and with any luck picking up some regular part time work. For now, there is literally nothing left after paying rent, bills and buying groceries. Irregulars are coming out of savings and not really being replenished, apart from the odd extra income in months when I do mystery shopping. But now I have a better picture of where we need to be at.

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    • Reply brokeinthecity May 4, 2010 at 00:22

      Yeah, here we get paid bi-weekly, and in some weeks, the end of a long month (or the way it happens to fall), results in 3 paycheques which is almost like a bonus! 🙂

      And yes, our bills are mostly monthly, bi-monthly or yearly.

      I prepay all of my car insurance & apartment insurance for example. I could pay it monthly, but I hate the hassle of remembering something else to pay & the paperwork that comes in the mail to remind me.

      I also do the loose budgeting thing. Once all the fixed expenses are paid, and I leave ample room for groceries & household stuff, everything else is fair game.

      If I know someone is visiting, I’ll budget extra money for eating out.

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