A possible unexpected side effect of my allergies

As long as I can remember (at least back to puberty…) I’ve had dark undereye circles. You know, that sort of purple/grey half crescent under the eyes? They never go away. When I am especially tired, I do get full on bags, but that’s rare.
Anyway, apparently they may be due to…….my hayfever!
Who would’ve thought?

Among this extensive list of hayfever symptoms, I found:

  • stuffy nose all the time or during specific seasons
  • water discharge from the nose all the time
  • reddened, pebbly lining in the lower eyelids
  • frequent throat-clearing
  • breathing through the mouth
  • snoring
  • rabbit-like movements of the nose
  • a horizontal crease across the nose as a result of constant rubbing
  • bouts of sneezing, especially in the morning
  • repeated nosebleeds
  • headaches because of pressure from inside the nose
  • frequent earaches, fullness in the ear, ear infections or hearing loss
  • dizziness or nausea related to ear problems
  • chronic cold without much fever
  • nasal voice because of blocked nasal passages
  • dark circles under the eyes as a result of pressure from blocked nasal passages on the small blood vessels. Also known as “allergic shiners”.

Huh. Pressure on the small blood vessels. Don’t sound too healthy…but when have I ever claimed to be? Remember, I don’t even exercise

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