Free lunch anyone?

Personally I am not a diehard fan of Wagamama but this email I received the other week was too good to resist!

“National noodle day will be taking place at all NZ Wagamama branches on July 28th from 11.30am – 2pm to celebrate the launch of the new lunch menu.”

What does this mean? It means free lunch 😀 Strictly first come first served and only one meal per person; no preorders or bookings. No word on how many free lunches are up for grabs, though. Drinks and sides will be available but at the regular price.

What’s on the free lunch menu?

-beef donburi
-ginger chicken donburi
-yasai katsu curry
-chilli squid salad
-seafood ramen (hansetsu) and
-miso ramen (hansetsu)


Mmmm…now I just have to make sure I get in bright and early.

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