Last month I blogged about making a little money online. Smilecity, which I’ve been using forever, used to have three regular ways to earn points. A daily ‘quick survey, daily web click and a weekly web click. Plus of course the surveys and reward emails from time to time.

Then they redesigned the site, which IMO is still more difficult to navigate and makes it harder to find things. They also removed the weekly web click at the same time – not a biggie, just something I noticed and thought a little stingy.

But the cutbacks continue. Sort of. I thought that the daily quick survey had also disappeared when I logged on last week and didn’t see it on the front page in its normal place. But after a bit of hunting around, I found it – lurking under the Earn tab, for anyone who cared to look deeper.

Hmmm. Sneaky much?

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