Bad drivers and the cost of meds

It’s been a bit of a scary morning on the roads. First a little toddler ran out across the carpark towards our car at full tilt – the stuff of nightmares, seriously. Luckily we weren’t going very fast (how fast CAN you ever go in any kind of busy carpark?) And then on the motorway back west, just after getting off the Harbour Bridge, some  f#*%ing white Mitsubishi Legnum cut into our lane with an inch to spare ahead of us, then slammed on the brakes all of a sudden. Result: smoke, smelly clutch, and probably a layer of brand new tyre tread left behind on the road in black scuff marks.

As if that stretch of road wasn’t already lethal enough. The signage is horrible and unclear; nobody ever knows exactly which lane to get in for which exit.

On the plus side, I managed to get my latest prescription (a bunch of eczema meds) for free, thanks to a mystery shop. It was all the way up over the North Shore, but I accepted it after a call from the company offering $25 extra for mileage. Woohoo! I really resent paying for stuff like this – after all, it’s not like I ASKED to have a skin condition – so I wasn’t going to say no. But I’m pretty lucky in that my medicines are heavily subsidised – I have a community services card as a student.  And on a related note, Krystal recently blogged about the cost of birth control. I go to Family Planning and as I’m under 22, get six months worth of the basic brand of pill for $3. I’m not sure how much it’ll be once I turn 22 …but I guess I’ll find out next year.

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  • Reply Revanche November 2, 2009 at 05:37

    You could ask for a quote. 🙂 I’m always curious about age-related rate hikes, and how much of a premium you’re getting charged for getting older.

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