March roundup

So, lots of spending going on…

2 % - Clothes & Grooming 3 % - Debt Repayments 6 % - Dining & Bars 2 % - Entertainment 1 % - Fees & Interest Paid 13 % - Food & Groceries 0 % - Gifts & Donations 13 % - Home Expenses 1 % - Medical 23 % - Rent / Mortgage 4 % - Savings 7 % - Tax 4 % - Trent fun 4 % - Trent lunch 3 % - Utilities & Services 16 % - Vehicle & Transport 0 % - Work expenses
Clothes & Grooming 2% $113
Debt Repayments 3% $144
Dining & Bars 6% $318
Entertainment 2% $79
Food & Groceries 13% $693
Gifts & Donations 0% $25
Home Expenses 13% $657
Medical 1% $44
Rent / Mortgage 23% $1,180
Tax 7% $352
Trent fun 4% $184
Trent lunch 4% $208
Utilities & Services 3% $135
Vehicle & Transport 16% $861
Work expenses 0% $17

Vehicle: We paid for three months of registration, plus new tyres and T did a service on the car. It’s due for a warrant this month, and there’s a couple of other things we’d like to fix up on it. Plus, it was chewing gas for a few weeks there :@ but changing the tyres seems to have sorted that out.

Food and groceries: That’s five weeks of groceries rather than four, but it’s still a little high. Oh well, not much to do there really, except make sure we get everything we need to avoid mid-week runs to the supermarket. Incidentally, it turns out buying three 2L milk bottles is cheaper than buying two 3L ones. Plus, they fit better in the fridge, and make it easier for T to pace his insane milk consumption. Win, win and win.

Clothing: T bought a new pair of shoes.

Entertainment: About half of this was our night out to see Alice in Wonderland 3D.

Dining: Erm, yeah, lots of eating out. Brunches, lunches, socialising with friends (all worth it, though) plus some fast food fails. Let’s aim to get this down to $200 – the lowest we’ve ever managed – next month.

Spending money: T had some flush weeks (he usually gets $40 a week), although it looks like he had more on two occasions.

Tax: My “overdue” tax.

Home expenses: two weeks bond, obviously, plus moving expenses other bits and pieces we needed to get now we’re back living on our own.

Utilities: low, as our final phone/internet bill turned out as a credit, and our final power bill will come out of our bond at the old place. Plus, I still had plenty of cell phone credit from that focus group in February. This would have been even lower, but we now officially have Sky TV.

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