Link love (Powered by the inevitable march of time)

Pear manages to get a discount AFTER making her purchase. Find out how!

Fabulously Broke discovers the magic of Bundle and posts a fascinating breakdown of the aggregated data – spending by demographic. Speaking of Bundle..I loved this post asking how often you check your account balance.

“But even though I have a rough idea of how much money is in my account at all times, I absolutely dread actually checking the real thing. I have to force myself to sign in, and I’m bracing myself for impact as soon as it loads; it’s basically a form of torture. I think the fear is that somehow I’ll have miscalculated, or forgotten about some check I wrote a million years ago, and that I’ll be in the red. Even when I use the ATM, I turn away when it shows me how much money is left in my account, and I throw away my receipts without looking at them!” (Oh, how I laughed, because I am the same way. Anyone else?)

Amber bemoans the cost of groceries (I agree wholeheartedly) and Jules at Stone Soup shows us how to eat for $2 a day. I hate broccoli, but the omelette looks deeeeelish.

Greer asks how much you pay for haircuts? I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than about $30. That being said, I’ve never coloured my hair. What about you?

FruGal has some great tips for eating frugally while seeing Europe. I hope to be able to use her advice one day…

Ninja asks what skills you have that save you some coin (Up until our last move, we’d never paid for a truck or moving company, either. But it was worth it!)  Sadly, I have very few practical skills. BF is awesome in the kitchen and reasonably handy mechanically (great when you have an old car).  I guess I’m naturally frugal and willing to spend the time researching to get the best deal?

Speaking of car troubles, that’s exactly what derailed Katie this week. As always, she puts things in perspective –  “Talk about first world problems.”

Miss Minimalist weighs up the pros and cons of city vs country life (No contest, it’s city life – although preferably suburban life, to be precise – for me. The longest I’ve ever spent away from the city was a week in Whakatane last year, but aside from that, I’ve only managed a few days at a time for brief holidays, be they beach or snow getaways. Watching Gilmore Girls made me long to live somewhere like Stars Hollow and maybe one day that might be nice, but I’m a born and bred urban dweller)

Revanche encounters a kindly taxi driver. In a similar vein, I introduced BF to Kohu Road ice cream this week – the BEST  ice cream/sorbet you will ever have, super pure and  made from premium ingredients. Recommended: the golden syrup and the coconut rum. And for something different, the dark chocolate sorbet. After letting us sample at least half of the flavours, we were given one of our cones free simply because of a slightly messy scoop.

Meanwhile, Lacey has been kicking it in Europe, and most recently Prague. Check out her amazing photos (they even visited an ossuary!)

Nicole Antoinette muses on having the freedom to change and learning to like sushi. (I, too,  recall vowing never to eat either seaweed or raw fish…many years ago. Guess I have to eat those words.)

Stephany blogged about all the reasons she’s proud to be American – lump in the throat stuff. (And I’m not even from the US).

Working Girl has some tips on how she’s starting to make friends post-college. Hint: Just get out there! Say yes to invites, or you’ll never meet anyone.

Finally, LiLu reviews Avatar and finds it lacking. But she has a picture of Apa, my favourite bison. Also, you should vote for her in the MTVTJ search for MTV’s first Twitter Jockey.

Phew! What a bumper roundup. Hope you made it to the end!

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