Link love: Powered by olive oil and unshaped plans

I learn a lot at pub quizzes. There’s nothing quite like it to expose your total and utter ignorance. I now know what condors and chrysanthemums look like. I’ve seen countless flags from obscure countries, and been introduced to titles and theme songs of TV shows like Falcon Crest, Men Behaving Badly, Wonder Years, and more. We’re a pretty successful team, aside from the sports round. All but one of the regular members are older than me and infinitely more knowledgeable. At first I felt ridiculously self conscious being able to contribute to little, but I’m finally learning to sit back and relax, and reassure myself that the pleasure of my company is enough (HA!)

Anyway, thanks to the holidays, we’re taking a break for a month. What probably won’t be taking a break are my link roundups, however.


Kara asks: What do you do when someone unexpectedly gives you a Christmas present?

Amber of Girl with the Red Hair explains how she overcame a running injury.

Speaking of which, Stephany is wondering if she’s cut out for running, or whether to press on.

One more exercise post…Well Heeled wants to know if you ever actually come to enjoy working out.

Backpacking Journalist on the pros of using tour groups (if I was travelling alone, I would definitely sign up for one!)

Girl and City loves – and hates – Singapore. Here’s why.

Everytime I read a dating post, like Tall Brunette’s, I am so thankful to not be single. And props for getting back up every time.

A couple of days after I wrote this post on minimalism, Heather Rae also blogged about the same thing and struggling to find a balance.

There seems to be an emerging trend against having children, especially in the PF/minimalist area. But even if you think you and your partner are on the same page, things can change, as Shiftless and Lazy shows.

Following on from that, Geek in Heels posted some charts on happiness and how it changes over a lifetime (HUGE dip once you have young children!)

A hilarious guest blog on Punch Debt about Apple fankids (amen!)

Ginger recently hosted an alcoholic guest and wonders whether she dealt with it in the best manner.

I recently purged my book collection (all gifts and other freebies, so it didn’t really reflect my reading habits). I figure it must be much harder to do the same for a collection with real meaning to you, but Lesley explains how she did it and broke free of books.

A wicked mashup of 2010’s films, via Static Image.


J Money just got fired (incidentally I think that term is tossed around far too loosely…isn’t “fired” only when you’re terminated for performance issues? Isn’t this a layoff?) and explains the whole story, including how he may be going back as a freelancer.

Working Girl blogs about the pros and cons of offices vs telecommuting.

FruGal on how to use the party season to help your career.

Carlee Mallard comes to some conclusions about her job and what she wants from a career.

This post from Cordelia Calls It Quits says it all: The Way Things Are Isn’t The Way They Have To Be.

But as inspiring as posts about lifestyle design, location independence and making your own job are, Financial Samurai reminds us  it’s okay to just follow the traditional path too.

A guest post by Alexandra Franzen on Yes and Yes asks how you want your future resume to read.


Farmers’ markets are about fresh local produce, right? Apparently not all of them are, as Emily found out.

Apparently festive fare is costing less this year. And for some reason, turkey is included in there. WTF? Who eats turkey at Christmas? (Americans excluded). Funny About Money shares her holiday feast (it’s easy, tasty, detailed and not turkey.)

I love mushrooms. Do you love mushrooms? And cheese? Then this recipe from Wandering Food Lover is for you, too.

I have 8 days off from the 26th (the longest break I’ve had in…years, it must be!). One of the first things I’ll be baking are these orange chocolate cookies.

Stef at A Touch of the Crazy had me drooling over this Boston Cream Pie.

And this is a gratuitous post with no real purpose, IMO, than to make you ravenously hungry. NOMMMMM.


A fun quiz from First Gen American- how frugal are you?

Serendipity asks, what do you do when your partner racks up debt without you knowing? To his credit, he came clean not long after.

I’m quite partial to posts about living on one income, since I’ve done it for quite a while and imagine we’d do it again at some point when we start a family.

Blonde and Balanced admits she’s scared to combine finances.

Finally, to be honest, I’m quite over posts about Christmas presents. I’m over Christmas, full stop. Especially when BF asked what I wanted. I was all, I don’t want anything, aside from headphones and a trip overseas. (He was meant to get me headphones but he seems to like gift buying, so I’m buying them myself while he comes up with something else on his own.) Or a food processor, but we don’t have room for it. He on the other hand is always seeing stuff he wants. ANYWAY, I decided to pick out one, and that’s Bridget at Hithat’smybike’s post on how she set up a minimalist Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Link love: Powered by olive oil and unshaped plans

  • Reply Tall Brunette December 19, 2010 at 14:43

    Thanks for the link love. 😉
    Happy Holidays to ya. xoxo

  • Reply Funny about Money December 19, 2010 at 15:54

    What a fantastic round-up! Thanks for sharing so many good finds, and thanks for including FaM! 🙂

  • Reply Stef December 19, 2010 at 18:44

    Thanks for the linky love. Also some great links there!

  • Reply Lesley December 19, 2010 at 20:03

    Thanks for the ♥!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Reply gem December 20, 2010 at 12:05

    Oh man, I’m always the stupid one at trivia nights. I rarely know any of the answers. Or I’ll say something and be totally wrong, but I’m super convincing, so I’ll manage to convince the team away from the right answer that someone less convincing said. I am basically the least helpful team member ever, haha.

    But the honor of my company is totally worth losing trivia nights! (Ish.)

  • Reply Cordelia December 20, 2010 at 12:52

    Thanks for the love!

  • Reply Amber from Girl with the Red Hair December 20, 2010 at 13:42

    Love these posts of yours! I always find so many great blog posts to read!

    Thanks for the love 🙂

  • Reply SP December 20, 2010 at 13:52

    Just opened about 10 tabs to read articles you linked to!


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