July 2011: What we spent

** Click here for more info on my monthly spending roundups.**

Clothes – T needed shorts and shirts for Rarotonga (also, the gym – see below). I bought a dress and cardigan.

Dining – A little higher than budgeted; we tried one restaurant off my list, and again some eating out with friends, but it was definitely a case of the little things adding up this month.

Groceries – Whoa – they’re low because we were away for a week, and because my Visa grocery transaction on the 31st didn’t clear until the next day.

Entertainment – $22 for one Food Show ticket (my media pass was free). $22 for two Harry Potter tickets. $280 for Foo Fighters tickets. $178 for Guitar Hero (x2). Yikes.

Health – T  joined a gym! That $89 is for a 3-month special on GrabOne.

Holidays – I took out $500 spending cash. But we ended up spending $800 in total, with $140 for our lagoon cruise, $97 on meals and drinks at the resort and another $60 on food. Add to that $110 for departure tax (something I failed to research), $43 for the taxi home at 4am and $62 on duty free whiskey.

Insurance – Contents for the quarter.

Rent – A three-fortnight month. Plus a rent increase. Boo.

Savings – may in fact have been marginally higher.  But probably not very much. See entertainment expenditure above…

T fun – Almost 200 more than usual thanks to a couple of game purchases and other electronics guff.

In July I was also gifted $230 in birthday money and made $855 in side income, all of which I saved. Huzzah. And a bloody good thing, seeing as anything I saved from my regular income last month was negligible.

So, to August! We’re tightening up ship around here, with groceries and dining out and I’m hoping to make August a bare-bones month, our Wellington trip aside. Let’s see how that goes.

2 thoughts on “July 2011: What we spent

  • Reply Emily Jane August 5, 2011 at 03:24

    I really need some sort of template for a personal budget – for the last month I’ve been trying to adjust to being the sole provider for living, and it’s a huge 180 to what I’m used to and I’m struggling – are there any tips/resources that help you stay on track?

  • Reply Lane August 5, 2011 at 21:30

    that’s a yummy looking pie 🙂 love the visuals.

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