Wine and Love

I’ve seen Wine and Love done plenty of times before, and seeing as the past couple of weeks have been full of ups and downs, thought it an appropriate time to finally join in!

Reasons I love my wine [er, peanut butter milkshake] this week:

  • Rain. Oh, the rain! Just as you get lulled into a false sense of spring, winter rears its head for the last time and robs me of clean dry underwear.
  • Money flowing out. I’ve bought festival tickets for New Year’s (can’t remember the last time we actually went away and did something cool to ring in the new year), and anticipate some hefty dentist and drycleaning (T and I have not had any of our coats cleaned in the few years we’ve had them, ick) bills.
  • Taking work home. I don’t mind it, and often find I write better in bed, but not after the day I’ve had, which involved…
  • Scraping up the car twice in one day, running the battery flat, getting stranded.

Reasons I’m smiling/loving life this week:

  • Tweeting for assistance and getting jump started by a stranger (also, finding a lead on a story through tweeting a link last week. WIN). Now, to pay it forward…
  • Going to a sweet event with amazing three-course dinner and coming away with a generous freebie.
  • Cake mix. So good, so moist, so perfectly risen. My cakes taste fine but look like a disaster zone, generally.
  • Attending my first Fashion Week show. It was a bridal show. I wasn’t expecting or planning to go, but there I was in my Warehouse sneakers, secondhand jeans and Cotton On cardigan. Surprisingly, the designs were actually pretty wearable, and gave me food for thought as to what I might like in a dress.
  • Impending freedom! Today marks a big deadline for me.

2 thoughts on “Wine and Love

  • Reply Well Heeled Blog September 2, 2011 at 15:32

    Fashion Week? That sounds really fun. Bridal fashion shows are probably the kind of shows I’d want to go the most. Even if I did buy a $70 dress…

  • Reply What we spent: September 2011 | Musings of an Abstract Aucklander October 3, 2011 at 20:41

    […] maintenance – It was karma. T gave me such a hard time about running the battery flat and denting the car all in one day, the next week he took out one of the front headlights. Boom, $80 for a […]

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