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Sooo, I finally updated my blogroll (click through to see it in the sidebar, RSS-ers) with some great career resources. I work in the creative industries, and you’ve probably noticed that many of my work-related links here relate to writing or social media. So if that’s you, have a squiz at some of those blogs – value guaranteed.

Really, the only thing missing from there now is book blogs – but as much as I love reading, I don’t read blogs about books. Ah, well.


Ten ways to tell freelancing isn’t for you, at Freelance Folder.

To make a living writing, be more than a writer, says Alexis Grant.

Better writers don’t always earn more, writes Carol Tice.

Oh yes. The pros and cons of being a web worker, by Deb at Kommein.


Shit first time homeowners say, by Little Miss Moneybags and Blonde and Balanced.

This is rad. At APW, Maddie’s guide to getting married young. (Love the line about staying out with the boys all night playing Rock Band. Can I get a hell yeah?)

Things that are hugely overrated in life, according to Marian.

The literary alter ego of Obsessions of a Workaholic is, apparently, a grad student.


Ginger kisses! Courtesy of a wandering food lover.

Via the $120 Food Challenge, Thai garlic chicken on rice noodles. Plus lime and garlic mayo.

Cate shares her recipe for squash and red lentil soup.

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