The long road to reaching your goals

Today marks the end of Women’s Money Week. I’m so chuffed to have made their Ultimate Blogger list – the highlight of my blogging journey to date for sure (except maybe the time I was nominated for Best International Personal Finance Blog).

Confession: I’m currently teetering on the brink of another of my mini 20-something crises. For those of you with concrete and definite goals, though … push past the initial doubts and surge of fear. Nothing worth having comes easy, and if you really, truly want to make something happen, I promise you can.

If you’re not happy with the life you’re leading, take a step back. Take time to reflect and articulate where you want to be, and work out how you’re going to get there. And maybe you’ll decide you’re not ready to take the next step yet – maybe the unhappiness isn’t outweighing the good right now – but if the balance tips, then you know what to do.

Okay, I’ll bite. I’m thinking about leaving the country – either for a bit of a travel break, or to Australia for a while. I’ve talked about why I don’t think extended travel is for me before, but the itch is growing stronger. I’ve also talked about my lack of interest in a typical Kiwi OE, but if either T or I could land a decent job across the ditch (no visa requirements for NZ citizens) I think a change of scenery could do us good. Just little ideas brewing, for now…

There’s been a bit of a backlash in the blogosphere recently against the concept of goals. I understand, and agree with, the argument against this new age where there’s a constant push for self improvement by a spate of happy shiny blogs (lifestyle design bloggers, mummy bloggers, etc) that lead us all to believe that everyone lives these magazine-spread perfect existences, when that’s simply not true. Life is hard, life is ugly – we all have relationship problems, health problems, money problems, even if we don’t broadcast them to the world on our blogs. This can be unhealthy. But blogs, like magazines, only tell part of the story. We know models get Photoshopped. And it should be obvious too, that our blogs only reflect certain aspects of our lives.

But goals keep you moving, keep you hustling. Without a plan, it’s that much harder to get where you’re going – if you even know where that is.

In my mind, the key is narrowing it down to the ones that really matter – zeroing in on the few priorities that really burn you up. Take it from someone who has a bunch of disparate interests: spreading yourself too thin results in burnout. If you really want to succeed, this is not the time to be a jack of all trades; this is the time to focus.

And remember, the first step is always the toughest – but it gets easier from there on.

This post is part of Women’s Money Week 2012. For more posts see the Goals and Taking Action Roundup

5 thoughts on “The long road to reaching your goals

  • Reply tinysarah March 11, 2012 at 12:47

    Thanks for this E – just what I needed to read! xx

  • Reply BrokeElizabeth March 12, 2012 at 06:28

    I agree with tinysarah… I definitely needed to read this today ­čÖé

  • Reply Michelle March 12, 2012 at 07:54

    I think goals are very important! It gives you something to strive for.

  • Reply Bridget March 12, 2012 at 16:18


    You're so right. Our lives are super messy (but still beautiful!). I had dinner with a friend tonight and we talked about how everyone has one really big horrible problem in their life, all the time, but they don't necessarily share it — and then when you find out you're like OMG because they seemed so perfect and happy.

    We have to embrace all the painful parts, they're just important as the good.

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