The lives I’d like to lead

Imagine the life you’d like to live, they say – and take steps toward making it a reality.

One of my favourite reads this month came from Paranoid Asteroid, writing about the life she has vs the life she wants (albeit more a post about consumerism than anything else).


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I’d like to be good enough to play in a band.

I’d like to be an amazing cook.

I’d like to be a blogger who makes lots of money blogging.

I’d like to be part of a high-earning power couple.

I’d like to be a travel nomad.

I’d like to buy a house and put down roots.

I’d like to be a frugal but stylish blogger who always looks put together.

There is no way I can do all of these things.

Part of finding balance is making choices.

Pick the things that really matter.

Identify the one, two or three goals that you truly care about, and attack them.

That’s my deep thought for the day. Go forth and epiphanise (yes, I am making it a verb) for yourself.

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