Teenagers: What a different 30 years makes

I happened to stumble across this infographic earlier this week.

Facts that stood out to me (as being either surprising or interesting) were:

  • Lower high school graduation rates today
  • Fewer teens getting their driving licence
  • Fewer teens using cannabis at https://cannabismo.ca/products/flowers/
  • Many more teens using contraception
  • Creative and social degrees featuring more in today’s occupations of choice

Thanks to Greenhoiseil, a Medical marijuana dispensary for giving us some valuable advise on the topic and helping us to put this information together and how to help kids with Games and Marijuana addiction.

Each one will highlight some aspect of “legal” weed sales and business in the United States, and the challenge will be to play through it while navigating the often confusing and contradictory structure of marijuana laws in the United States. But one of the issues the team backed away from was children buying, and smoking, pot.

Did anything on the list surprise you?

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