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It’s late on Friday night as I write this. I’ve been frantically powering through to catch up on work; good thing I really like what I do, or the resentment factor would be through the roof. I’ve been back from Sydney for two days and I haven’t had a day off since the weekend before last, so quite frankly, I’m drained.

I still have at least one Sydney recap post in me … I’m just not too sure when I’ll get around to it. This weekend will involve catching up on sleep, housework, and most likely a good few hours of mega transcription for a feature I’m writing. The insurance branches aren’t open on the weekends, so that’ll have to wait til Monday. I do have receipts for almost everything (past experience has taught me to keep documentation, serial numbers etc) and photos of most of the others, so insurance should cover it minus the excess (which I think is $750).

Linky time

Here’s a Vietnamese chicken curry from Eats by Anna

At Make a Living Writing, some persuasive reasons to take Google Plus seriously

The Singleton Files offers some insight into management and why karma’s a bitch

Be likeable, on time and do great work. Sense to Dollars analyses how she has, or hasn’t, applied all these principles on the job

On ambition and being what you do – my favourite guest post on Yes and Yes in a while

Financial Samurai finds some empathy for the unemployed

This post is about a month old, but I only saw it this week via Gawker (headlined I’m a Gay Mormon Who’s Been Happily Married for 10 Years) – a fascinating read that’ll get you thinking about your notions of love and sexuality.

It ain’t my country, but I really think this sums up the US healthcare debate.

Poor Girl Eats Well opens up about living with chronic pain

A most excellent list of tips for moving house at Adulting, my favourite being taping the remote control to your TV

How personal finance blogs became a cliche. At My Broken Coin

A rousing post from Nicole Is Better on calling bullshit and doing the impossible

My Alternate Life asks: how do you handle a busy schedule?

And on that note, The Happy Homeowner’s 10 step guide to getting back on track to a happier, healthier you

Happy weekends, all!

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