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You want to know the truth about travel?

Here it is.

the truth about travel time

The strangest part about settling back in: I’m still getting used to riding around in normal cars again (it feels like bowling around in a go-kart for the most part). Also, after spending two weeks down the other end of the country, where the (amazing) weather you get in the morning is the weather you get FOR THE REST OF THE DAY, coming back to Auckland has been a tough adjustment. I sit by a row of windows at work, so I have a close up view of the approximately 15 times that the sky changes from blue to cloudy to ominous to downpour, and all over again.

You guys can look forward to a week of travel posts next week. Until then, peruse these posts from around the web…


TeacHer Finance wonders if she’s contributing to the money taboo by blogging anonymously (though as a teacher she doesn’t get a choice…)

Cassie Boorn lists 40-odd ideas for monetising your blog (can you help her get to 50?)

Does income inequality matter if there’s social equality? Financial Samurai ponders…

The NY Times’ Seth Kugel lists some options for travelers with smartphones.


There seems to be a move toward pursuing a lifestyle, not just a career or job, which I can’t say I disagree with. Cal Newport is a huge proponent of this: designing a path by identifying your desired lifestyle then supporting that with a suitable job. And here’s Gen Y Girl’s take.

You’ve read the Michael Lewis Obama profile for VF, right? SO many people have honed in on how he has a ‘uniform’ (though really, when you wear suits every day, isn’t that a uniform in itself?) and how he appreciates not worrying about the little decisions like that. Nicole taps into that and she reckons routine is the key to productivity.

Thinking about quitting your job? Do your homework first, via Fabulously Broke.

Cosmo editor Kate White on managing both your job and your career at the same time.

Loved this bitchslap of Vicky Vale on Vice. No, you can’t be Batman’s girlfriend. No, your job does not consist of going ‘undercover’ at gala balls.

First Gen American’s post on networking is awesome, because it shares a story that demonstrates the importance of doing good work, and how word then gets around.

And on that note, an introvert’s guide to networking is up at Wealth Informatics.


Ashley at Writing to Reach You talks minimalism.

New-to-me blog Condiments on a City Life (a Kiwi in the US) reflects on lessons from, yep, Sex and the City.

Marian hasn’t been back to America for two years and wants to know what she’s been missing.

The ultimate how-to bridesmaid guide, via Walking in Heels.

Just because the title says it all: Mick Jagger, pole dancing, and the art of non-verbal communication (via Dumb Little Man).

Another cracker from APW: Do you ever wonder “what if” about the possible others in your lifetime? How do you deal with this wandering eye/FOMO?

I’m sad that The Secret Society of List Addicts has closed, but loved Yes and Yes’ take on aspects of modern life she wants no part of.

It’s so true. Trying to organise get-togethers with people is like herding cats. I’ve given up. Hence, I loved every word in Jen’s latest Gloss post on finding new friends to hang out with, idea friends vs activity friends, and why long gaps between hang-outs can be a good thing.

My Broken Coin explains how to go about marrying your equal.


The first thing I want to do when I visit the US is go to Trader Joe’s. But if you live there, here’s some suggestions for maximising your dollar from Poor Girl Eats Well.

Mmm, potatoes. MMMMM, stuffed potato skins. At $120 Food Challenge.

Closet Cooking serves up a bacon cheeseburger soup. Seriously.

Here’s a month’s worth of healthy 15-minute Stonesoup meals!

Whew! That was a bumper one – tons of good stuff posted while I was away. Thanks also to the Traveler’s Show and Tell for including my skydiving story in the latest carnival!

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  • Reply Yakezie (@Yakezie) October 6, 2012 at 16:04

    Thanks for the highlight! Is there anything in particular you’d like me to highlight of yours? Let me know! Sam

  • Reply Michelle October 6, 2012 at 16:50

    Looking forward to your travel posts!

  • Reply First Gen American October 6, 2012 at 19:59

    Wow. Lots of new blogs I haven’t checked out. Thanks for linking and thanks for the new reads.

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