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Thanks to a systems failure, T was off work for two days this week. Being hourly, that meant no pay. Boo. Overtime brought that up to more or less normal levels, though.

Meanwhile, I spent two days working from home, having been struck down by the latest bug that’s going around. Yes, in November, just as we’re heading into summer. I kid you not.

About two weeks ago a couple of coworkers complained of sore throats. I started feeling that scratch late last week, took it easy last weekend, but finally had to admit defeat come Monday. On Tuesday, I was feeling pretty chipper to start with, but by the time I finished breakfast, I decided to give myself another day of working in bed. I always optimistically head back to work a little too soon; not this time.

You know, I can’t count how many days I’ve wasted this year in that vein – the kind of days where you’re not completely out of action, but you’re not operating at full capacity, either. Anytime anything goes around, I inevitably catch it, and no matter how well I take care of myself, I end up succumbing. More than a  week on, I still haven’t shaken the cold – I’m still hacking up globules of phlegm in the morning.

I do, however, recognise that I’m lucky to be otherwise healthy and pain-free when many others aren’t. /end whinge.

To the links!

Bridget’s unfrugal confessions made me laugh.

The ever-fabulous Jen at Bullish dispenses some spot-on advice about relationships that are proving a bit of a career roadblock.

Life of a Salesman (old, but new to me) is a beautiful piece of writing and an example, IMO, of why it’s important to put your financial wellbeing ahead of helping family.

She Wears A Red Sox Cap reflects on the things she believed in high school (that turned out not to be true).

Over at Adulting, ways to support your loved ones when they are ill (as in, serious medical issues, not the man flu).

Cal Newport at Study Hacks argues that knowledge workers are failing on the productivity front.

A guest poster on the Urban Muse shares a few tips on safely using public wi-fi.

Death to form letters. Bring on real, human communication. Via Redhead Writing

Warren and Betsy from Married with Luggage contemplate the cultural differences they’ve noticed on their travels – particularly the American relationship with food.

Pauline has an excellent guest post up at Budget and the Beach on funding a nomadic lifestyle.

How to make more money: sell your soul. But seriously, this post was fascinating because pro hustler Susannah Breslin outlines all the ways she’s made money, from copywriting to “online outreach”. Yep.

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  • Reply Pauline November 26, 2012 at 03:02

    Thank you so much for the mention, I hope you feel better soon!

  • Reply Betsy Talbot November 26, 2012 at 03:28

    I popped over here to make a quick comment after seeing the pingback to our site (thank you), and then I got lost in your site for 30 minutes. Fantastic! Love your writing style and have subscribed to keep up with what you’re doing. Feel better soon!

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