Byteful Travel Blog Carnival: March 20

Whenever people ask me how wedding planning is going, they get a noncommittal “ehh” and a weak shrug. Let’s face it, simultaneously planning a six-month trip is a much larger undertaking, and it’s taking a lot out of me. But it’s also way more fun.

With that, let’s get stuck into the latest Byteful Travel Blog carnival!

Travel Destinations

Emma Goho presents The Gohemian’s Guide: What To Do In Jaipur  posted at gohemiantravellers, a piece on her favourite Indian city, Jaipur. “A beautiful city, full of beautiful people!” One of my best friends will be tying the knot later this year in India. Alas, I won’t be able to attend (I’m not sure where we’ll be as I don’t know her date yet, but we don’t really have the time or money for a detour to India).

Kevin Giffin presents 10 of the Best States to Visit with Kids posted at Summer Nanny, saying that planning a family vacation can be an overwhelming prospect, especially when the budget doesn’t allow for international travel. We’ll hopefully be hitting up about half of these states while in the US.

Go Green Travel Green presents Dog Sledding in the Okanagan Wilderness, Canada posted at Go Green Travel Green. Sounds like a real adventure.

Go Green Travel Green presents Best New Orleans Restaurants for First-Time Visitors posted at Go Green Travel Green. Still undecided about Cafe du Monde – but I suppose if we aren’t able to find beignets anywhere else (I have a tip about another beignet place to try buried in Evernote somewhere) then we might just have to make a stop.

Mariska presents Where I am.. Anguilla! posted at Bordélique. Annoyingly, my computer has trouble displaying images on some WordPress (usually hosted) blogs, but I’m sure your photos are stunning!

Travel Stories

Dani Blanchette presents I’m Illegal posted at Going Nomadic. An epic tale of a  North American who finds out what it is like to become an illegal immigrant in South America.

Pinch of Adventure presents São Jorge: Hospitality lessons in the middle of the Atlantic posted at A pinch of adventure. I think we all underestimate the capacity for human generosity.

Hannah presents Egyptian Pizza (And Other Travel-Bites) posted at DiscoverTravelLive. I can’t believe you don’t have Mars Bars in the States! (But whatever – they’re pretty nasty unless you’re into gooey caramel.)

Suz Crawt presents Are We Too Developed? – The Paleo Network posted at The Paleo Network. See how the locals live in Indonesia.

Holiday Baker Man presents Chili’s – Honolulu – Molten Chocolate Cake posted at Holiday Baker Man. I’m always down with cake.

Peg Peter presents How to Put On a Dry Suit – Beginner’s Edition posted at A Kilt and A Camera.  A humorous account of a first time getting into a scuba drysuit, complete with humiliating photos. At least you can laugh at yourself.

Zhu presents 5 Canadian Culture Facts I Never Truly Understood  posted at Correr Es Mi Destino. I’m really not looking forward to having to mentally add tax to everything we buy in North America.

Lindsay presents Year of the Durian: Ancient Durians in Uma Bawang posted at Year of the Durian. T is committed to trying durian in Malaysia. You can buy it here, too, but there’s no way we could make it through an entire fruit.

Travel Tips

Peter Rudin-Burgess presents Compare Holiday MoneyForeign Currency – Three Top Tips posted at Compare Holiday Money. This is something I spent a bit of time researching – am planning a post at some point on how we’ll handle money while abroad.

Jeremy Zongker presents Cost Saving Alternatives to Hotels posted at Economy Trips. By researching alternatives you can save quite a bit on lodging on your next trip.

Go Green Travel Green presents How to Find an Eco-Friendly Hotel or Resort posted at Go Green Travel Green. Self explanatory really.

William presents Don’t sunburn your credit card posted at Card Guys Blog. A mid-winter or late winter getaway doesn’t have to break the bank.

Cherry Liu presents 10 iPhone Apps to Help You Get Around a New City posted at House Sitting Jobs. I’ve already got a few of these on my list!

David Thompsonn presents 20 Creative Ways to Save Money for a Family Vacation posted at Backup Care. Small savings add up fast.

Theresa Torres presents How to Deal with a Lost or Stolen Wallet While Traveling posted at Travidition. This has got to be a traveller’s worst nightmare.

Tourismjournal presents Items You Must Bring to Make Your Travel Easy posted at tourism journal. I’ve started compiling a packing list, and we’ll need to buy our backpacks in the next few weeks.

That’s it for this edition! Submit your posts to the next edition of byteful travel blog carnival using this carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

5 thoughts on “Byteful Travel Blog Carnival: March 20

  • Reply Jane March 20, 2013 at 10:12

    Great post!

    Don’t feel bad about missing Texas (if you are). The cool stuff (Austin, San Antonio) take hours and hours to get to by car. The Alamo is cool, and the food is generally great (especially in and around San Antonio and Austin), but they’d be out of the way of most multi-state trips.

  • Reply The Norwegian Girl March 21, 2013 at 07:43

    aaah, this is making me want to travel asap!

  • Reply Miss JJ March 22, 2013 at 22:45

    Do update us how you like the durian. It is…really an acquired taste. Personally I don’t like it, and don’t eat it. I get a lot of comments about not being a bona fide Singaporean because of that. 🙂

    • Reply eemusings March 23, 2013 at 11:34

      I hate it, but he wants to try it. No point getting it here though as you have to buy a whole fruit.

  • Reply Peg March 28, 2013 at 00:14

    Great roundup! I’m loving everyone’s posts, and adding a few things to the bucket list.
    Thanks for including my drysuit post!

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