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I’m feeling a bit ranty today, guys. Bear with me.

  • Methinks we could build a hell of a lot of houses on a single golf course. (There are 3 within 5 minutes’ drive of my house, though I think we’re in a bit of a hotspot.) Why do we need multiple golf courses in the city? Move them further out! If you are new to golf check out the guide to best beginner set of golf clubs that will sure help out.


  • WTF is up with the cost of building houses here? Yes, land is blood-curdlingly expensive, and the main component of house prices … BUT you can buy freehold houses for dirt cheap in, say, parts of America, and they cost a fraction of what a house alone here costs (at least a couple hundred grand). In short: house + land in some parts of the world < a house without land here.


  •  So, there’s going to be a study done on housing that includes a trial of minimum rental standards to gauge the effect on children’s health. FFS people, do we really need to test something like this?! I despair.

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One thought on “Link love (Powered by scarves and boots)

  • Reply sherry @ save. spend. splurge. June 7, 2015 at 01:21

    Even within Canada itself, I’m looking at buying a house (which thankfully is more affordable than NZ)… I saw a similar house in a city for $250,000 that goes for $450,000 here.

    O_o WHAT!? And that house for $450,000 is in the middle of nowhere, it’s not even downtown.


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