Stop looking for the silver bullet – the answers are already within


Maybe you want to make more money. You’ve followed the gurus, bought the courses, done the work to uplevel your career or business.

Maybe you want to do a better job of this whole parenting thing. It’s a constant struggle, battling with your past, as your kids and partner constantly trigger you from minute to minute.

Maybe you want a better relationship. You’ve listened to podcasts and read blogs, tried a million techniques, but nothing sticks. Maybe things change for a few days, but it never lasts.

You’ve been searching high and low for the strategies and tactics that are finally gonna make a difference. But at some point, it’s time to change tack. Call it quits. You’re exhausted. It’s all the same stuff, regurgitated info over and over in different guises.

The truth? Success in whatever you are seeking isn’t found outside of you. 

Beyond a certain point, the real solution lies within

What you need is already inside you. 

All the tactics in the world won’t do much until you sort out your inner stuff.

The deeper work is the real work. 

Your brain is used to dealing with people/conflict/setbacks in a certain way. It goes back to what it knows when thrown into those situations, even if those techniques aren’t necessarily helpful.

The brain is a funny thing, resisting change with all its might. It falls back on what feels safe, and what it knows. Back into well worn patterns, comfortably trodden ground. Autopilot is so powerful. Like when you move house and find yourself taking the route to your old place after work, even though your new place is in the other direction. When you reach to adjust your glasses instinctively, even though you’ve got your contacts in. When you find yourself pulling your hairbrush through empty air, because you chopped most of it off just yesterday.

It takes time to learn to gravitate towards new actions. To build that muscle memory (remember, the brain is a muscle!) and develop different reactions, physical or otherwise.

You are more powerful than you know

I feel as though there’s a tension in this space. For all the empowering talk about creating our own reality, there are so many outside factors – systemic, societal, physical – that shape our reality. Like it or not, there are some things we just can’t control.

If we can’t control these external elements and we can’t control other people, what’s left?

Only ourselves. Therapy and coaching will always focus on YOU. We can keep fighting for more equality, system change, justice, influencing bigger things beyond us. But ultimately, the only thing within your guaranteed sphere of influence is you.

That might feel small. Depressing. But actually, going deeper and committing carries immense power. It changes everything. How you think. How you feel. Then, subsequently, what you do and how you do it.

It’s hard to articulate and pin down. What they say, though, is true. How you show up makes all the difference. Your energy is palpable, and shifting your energy genuinely does influence the results you get back once you start taking action.

And it starts within you.

One thought on “Stop looking for the silver bullet – the answers are already within

  • Reply Untemplater May 7, 2022 at 19:18

    This is so true. So much of how we go through life starts from within. Makes me think of my times traveling abroad to some poor countries where I came across people with so little in comparison to what we have in places like the US. Yet, even with so little, their spirit, smiles, and gratitude were so bountiful. So much of happiness is in our minds. And so is fear – fear that can hold us back from achieving incredible things if we let it. The more we can believe in ourselves, the more we can attain.

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