I don’t care what you do with your money. But you should

how to find your own money groove


I don’t care what you do with your money.

Doesn’t really bother me.

There are very few – if any – hard and fast rules.

Despite what the Twitter bros and their pithy viral tweets might preach…You are your own best steward.

No one else cares more about your money than you.

I’d rather you learn to trust yourself.

Find your own groove.

Do what’s right for you.

Because one of the most important skills we can develop (and will forever be practicing and evolving) is discernment.

Learning to discern what will work for you, not blindly copying others.

Listening to mentors and taking on board their input – but not necessarily following everything to the letter.

Honouring your instincts, which so many of us have learned to suppress. (This doesn’t mean giving in to fear and self sabotage but again – discerning the difference between fear of expansion / risk,,, and the nudges that are guiding you away from something that isn’t for you).

Self trust is a huge ingredient for success, and the more you practice it, the sharper your instincts get.

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