I signed up for a monthly subscription, then got ghosted

I signed up for a monthly subscription, then got ghosted


What would you expect if you signed up for something and … stopped getting what you were paying for every month?

A question I’ve been facing and grappling with…

I gave lots of grace. I got so much value from the signup bonus, it was a steal, even when after a few months, things went quiet.

I truly believed something had happened to the creator. Her website was down, she hadn’t been active online publicly or in the private space where I first encountered her. I contacted her multiple times through different channels. I even thought maybe Gmail had randomly blacklisted her emails…

I expected her to respond at SOME point. Because now she’s active online again, and clearly around. But nope. Nothing. I’ve released all remnants of that expectation. I may never know what happened. Such is life.

I try to find the lesson in everything, and I think my takeaways here are:

Money lesson 1: These days, cancelling and reissuing a credit card won’t solve recurring subscriptions. Stripe is smart! It’ll just resume on your new card number, as the underlying account is the same.

Money lesson 2: Those invoice emails that are Stripe generated… actually DO let you manage your paid membership subscription, not just manage your email preferences. DUH.

Yeah, I felt pretty silly after all my rambly messages to my bank that ultimately were for nothing, and then finally one day noticing that tiny link in my Stripe invoice emails. Stupid tax!

And maybe a final general life lesson: Be accommodating, charitable, generous, but equally, don’t be a doormat, ostrich, or fool. Your money is your money and nobody cares about it as much as you do.

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